Build Your Dream Team Early: Why Interns Are Your Startup's Secret Weapon

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Mar 14, 2024, 6:30:01 AMMar 14
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Hi All,

Being a startup is awesome, but let's face it, keeping up with the workload can be tough. You need top talent, but budgets are tight. As a startup founder myself, I have been there too, but I cracked the code and built a system for the same.

Here's the secret weapon I used: building a talent pipeline with interns.

Why interns are a win-win for startups:

  • MBA Hunger: MBA programs have mandatory internships! Students bring the dedication and focus you need, knowing this impacts their future careers.

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Attract brilliant MBAs (think top 50 colleges) for a fraction of their full-time salary (think 20-40k vs. 1 lac+ per month).

  • Double the Value: Interns often deliver more in a shorter time frame due to their focused dedication.

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Stop the Cycle of Settled Hiring:

Are you tired of compromising on talent due to budget limitations?  Here's how interns can break that cycle:

  • Ditch the Risky Hire: Instead of a potentially costly, unproductive full-time hire, bring on 2 interns for 2-3 months at a combined 50k per month.

  • Remote Power Boost: Leverage technology! Interns can contribute remotely 10-12 hours a week before and after their official internship, maximizing their impact.

  • First Dibs on Future Stars: See an intern you love? Offer them a pre-placement offer – you'll have a proven talent ready to hit the ground running.

We, CareerCarve, are connected to multiple MBA colleges across the country due to the nature of the work we do. We can help you hire interns very efficiently. Investing in your talent pipeline with interns today pays dividends in a high-growth tomorrow!

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NOTE: There is no charge/commission/fees for hiring through our platform. 

Please feel free to reply to clarify any doubts or concerns


Manish Jha, CareerCarve

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