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Hazelcast IMDG (http://www.hazelcast.org) interest group. Hazelcast IMDG is an open-source distributed In-memory object store, supporting a wide variety of data structures such as Map, Set, List, MultiMap, RingBuffer, HyperLogLog. It is Cloud and Kubernetes friendly.  Clients are available in Java, C++, C#, NodeJs, Python & Go.

Check out Hazelcast Jet (http://jet-start.sh) which is an open-source distributed stream and batch processing with embedded in-memory storage and a variety of connectors such as Kafka, Amazon S3, Hadoop, JMS and JDBC.

This forum is the location of public and open source support requests for the Hazelcast community. If you get your questions answered here, please reciprocate by offering help to others in this group.