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Welcome to Hazelcast's Google Group! Make sure to visit homepage at https://www.hazelcast.com  or documentation at https://docs.hazelcast.com.

Hazelcast Platform is a distributed computation and storage platform for consistently low-latency querying, aggregation and stateful computation against event streams and traditional data sources. It allows you to quickly build resource-efficient, real-time applications. You can deploy it at any scale from small edge devices to a large cluster of cloud instances.

Hazelcast Cloud is managed service that provides all the features of the in-memory storage and data processing engine in a simple cloud-based web application that’s deployed and fully managed by Hazelcast. Leveraging over a decade of our experience and best practices, the result is a high-throughput low-latency service that scales to your needs while remaining simple to deploy.

We also continue to support Hazelcast IMDG and Hazelcast Jet products which were merged into and superseded by Hazelcast Platform.

This forum is the location of public and open source support requests for the Hazelcast community. If you get your questions answered here, please reciprocate by offering help to others in this group.