Query about usb1 VBUS gpio

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Sughosh Ganu

May 2, 2012, 3:41:44 PM5/2/12
to hawk...@googlegroups.com, vm.r...@gmail.com, sm.k...@gmail.com
I was going through the usb1(ohci) initialisation sequence for
hawkboard in the linux kernel, and found a couple of gpio pins being
configured for vbus o/p and oc i/p. For vbus, the pin 4 from the 2nd
bank is used, while for oc, pin 13 from bank 6 is used. But i am not
able to see the corresponding connections in the hawkboard's
schematics document(v1 available at the hawks' downloads page). Can
someone please explain why are we using these two specific gpio
pins. Am i missing something here.

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