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Welcome to the Hattics mailing list run by John Cowan, an offshoot of the Language Hat blog at languagehat.com.

 This mailing list has nothing to do with His Hatness administratively, but I intend it to be used by Hattics who would like to have a place other than the comments to discuss Hattish things. This way we get to talk among ourselves between LH posts. Of course, it is not in any way intended to be in competition with LH itself.

The basic subject matters are the same as at LH, topic drift is encouraged, and anyone may participate who can behave civilly. To help keep down spam, everyone's first posting will be moderated, but I'm very fast to repost moderated emails (usually within 24 hours) in all the other groups I manage on this policy. (I will of course have Strange Powers, which are like Hattic Powers, only more intense.)