Comparisons of transitions

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Norushin me

Sep 22, 2011, 10:15:03 PM9/22/11
to Hating Daylight Saving Time Switch
The most amazing transitions to one sensitive to the rhythm of the
changing year is the switch from longer nights to longer days, and the
the switch from longer days to longer nights. What awareness there is
need of for good health changes, behaviors even change, if animals,
and life in the wild, are watched, one sees different things according
to the time of year. All the things that change naturally are fitting
and appropriate for our own rhythm.

The mandated changing of the clock for designating time all business
and societal activity for most of our societies twice a year does not
follow any such logic. It does not correspond to the natural
transitions, and it is alien to our natures. It causes stress to
adjust to this requirement from others.

I am aware now as the change happens to longer nights. The mandated
shift of clocks in my society will happen over six weeks later, not
corresponding to any specific natural process at the time, but a
stress then as it is at any time which we could do without. There is
no advantage from it proven by any study. We have good reason to take
part in pursuing the riddance of this required switching.

Norushin me

Nov 1, 2011, 8:31:42 PM11/1/11
to Hating Daylight Saving Time Switch
It is already here, the notices for making the adjustment with fixing
our clocks to alter our cycle. It does not seem so bad, as if we are
getting an extra hour. Of course, it is the hour that was previously
lost, about 8 months earlier, and which must be given up again in
little more than 4 months later. And it is an adjustment, our bodies
still have to deal with it if we seek to stay up later, which is a
natural tendency in response to this artificial adjustment. The light
of the day is not altered in any way with this, it will still shorten
and then legthen according to the natural rate, what time of the year
it is, and we altering our clocks seek only to stay up later after it
is dark. Advantages are illusory, never anything that has been
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