Haste 0.5.3 released

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Anton Ekblad

Nov 25, 2015, 4:46:55 PM11/25/15
to haste-compiler
Hi everyone,
version 0.5.3 of Haste is now live on Hackage and on haste-lang.org. This release doesn't bring much in the way of features, but focuses mostly on performance. The runtime system has been slightly overhauled, some new optimizations have been added, and most major optimizations are now individually configurable.

From a user standpoint, the changes boil down to three main points:
* --opt-all does *not* imply --opt-minify anymore;
* heavily tail recursive programs compiled with --opt-all will now use more stack space than before to achieve substantially higher throughput, configurable with --opt-tail-chain-bound; and
* most Haste programs will run 1.5-3x faster when compiled with 0.5.3 than when compiled with 0.5.2, without modification.

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