Calling existing JS function with Haste and passing in a record datatype

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Philipp Meier

Sep 29, 2015, 9:53:43 AM9/29/15
to haste-compiler
Hi guys!

Sorry for this question but I am still a complete Haskell and Haste beginner.
So im trying to call a JS function I have and pass in a Record as a parameter.
As I understand Haste should be able to transform the Record into a JS object right?

Anyway you'll find the code here:

Sadly it doesn't work, I get the error:

    No instance for (ToAny Figure) arising from a use of `ffi'
    In the expression: ffi "(function(x) {renderGame(x); return 5;})"
    In an equation for `render':
        render = ffi "(function(x) {renderGame(x); return 5;})"

Hope someone can help :)

Philipp Meier

Sep 29, 2015, 3:44:43 PM9/29/15
to haste-compiler
Figured it out.

The solution was to have all the datatypes deriving from Generic. Also declare an empty instance ToAny for every datatype. (instance ToAny GameBoard)
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