Can't boot, ghcversion.h missing (GHC 7.10)

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Jan Tojnar

Apr 19, 2015, 7:07:42 PM4/19/15

I can’t boot haste-compiler HEAD with ghc 7.10. I cleaned the dot folders beforehand. Could someone help me understand how to fix it, or at least what could be causing it?

➜  haste-compiler git:(master) ✗ haste-boot --local
Reading package info from "libraries/rts.pkg" ... done.
Resolving dependencies...
Configuring ghc-prim-
ghc: ghcversion.h missing
cabal: /tmp/1957747793424238335.o: does not exist
Command '/home/jtojnar/.cabal/bin/haste-inst' failed with error  code 1

Anton Ekblad

Apr 20, 2015, 9:28:07 AM4/20/15
Unfortunately, Haste doesn't yet support GHC 7.10. It builds but does not boot since some basic GHC stuff still needs to be ported. There are also some changes that should be made to the compiler as well (pointers for instance, maybe IO and concurrency) to improve compatibility and reduce future porting work. Taking the opportunity to make these changes now, when we'll need to start the porting over from a clean slate anyway, is probably a good idea.

If anyone wants to help out, it'd be a very welcome contribution. If someone wants to take a stab at making the current Haste base boot with GHC 7.10 as a stopgap measure until the proper libraries can be ported I'd happily merge that work, but since we'll most likely be starting from a clean slate with the 7.10 libraries that will probably be more effort than it's worth.

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