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Amalendu Upadhyaya

Feb 10, 2019, 2:09:45 AM2/10/19


Liberate Your News, Keep your news uncensored : Support HASTAKSHEP...

Have you ever considered whose voice you hear in mainstream news, which corporate interests are being pushed?

When we turn to mainstream news networks, our understanding of the reality of the world is colored by the influence of corporations and corrupt governments, which pursue their own agenda instead of the truth. Realities are turned up-side down, US-NATO wars are portrayed by the media as humanitarian endeavours. Neoliberal economic austerity measures are upheld as a means to eradicating poverty.

Truth in media is a powerful instrument. As long as we all keep probing, asking questions, looking through the disinformation to find real understanding, then we are in a better position to participate in creating a better world in which truth and accountability trump greed and corruption.

HASTAKSHEP is a small team that believes in the power of information and analysis to bring about far-reaching societal change including a world without war.

Since 2010, we’ve been providing information, analysis and on-the-ground reporting of global events, national issues.

HASTAKSHEP has established a nation-wide network of authors, scholars and investigative journalists. The underlying concept is the “democratization” of research and media reporting, while maintaining high standards of investigation and analysis.

To maintain our independence, HASTAKSHEP doesn’t accept government or corporate funding.

How can any organization or individual have the freedom to speak the truth if they are funded by the very agencies actively engaged in the dissemination of disinformation?

Our independence matters to us and we know it matters to you, our readers.

Our readers are helping the beacon of truth shine brighter by passing on the information, engaging in research and dialogue, and achieving real and sustainable empowerment. They fund this initiative. Your contribution will ensure that we’ll be able to continue providing this essential focus.

With your help, truth can shine brighter. The more people become aware of the subversive, insidious processes attempting to manipulate public opinion, the less we can turn a blind eye to the injustice that surrounds us. Give what you can, as often as you can. Keep your news uncensored.

Where Your Donations Go

Your donations are vital to sustaining HASTAKSHEP’s online global platform. In addition to continuing to provide essential news, analysis and information from across the globe, we have several plans for the next year aimed at increasing our readership and improving our content and coverage.

Our aim is to grow our global outreach.

The more we grow, the better our chances are in battling the lies perpetuated by the mainstream media. We plan to do so through networking, partnerships, via correspondents in major regions of the India and through our own on the ground investigative reporting. Investing in these aspects will enable us to share the truth and spread the word to a broader public and, hopefully, continue to wake more people up to the lies they have been fed.

Thank You For Supporting HASTASHEP

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