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Emanuel Borsboom

Apr 2, 2020, 7:56:56 PM4/2/20
to haskell-cafe, haskell-stack, “”
### First release candidate for v2.3

**Changes since v2.1.3**

Release notes:

Major changes:
* `setup-info-locations` yaml configuration now allows overwriting the
default locations of `stack-setup-2.yaml`.

* The `setup-info` configuration key now allows overwriting parts of
the default `setup-info`

* The `--setup-info-yaml` command line flag now may be used in all
stack commands such as `stack build`, and not only in `stack setup`

* The `--setup-info-yaml` may specify multiple locations for
`stack-setup.yaml` files.

* The `stack upload` can read first reads environment Variable
`$HACKAGE_USERNAME` and `$HACKAGE_PASSWORD` if they are missing only
then asks for `username` or `password`

* Fully remove GHCJS support.

* Remove the `freeze` command. It has been replaced by lock files.

Behavior changes:
* Remove the deprecated `--stack-setup-yaml` command line argument in
favor of `--setup-info-yaml`

* We now recommend checking in generated cabal files for repos. When
generating lock files for
extra-deps that only include `package.yaml` files, a deprecation
warning will be generated.
Also, those packages will no longer be included in the generated lock files.
See [#5210](

Other enhancements:
* Add `build-output-timestamps` flag in yaml. Setting it to true
prefixes each build log output line with a timestamp.

* Show warning about `local-programs-path` with spaces on windows
when running scripts. See

* Add `ls dependencies json` which will print dependencies as JSON.
`ls dependencies --tree` is now `ls dependencies tree`. See

* Remove warning for using Stack with GHC 8.8 and Cabal 3.0.

* Allow relative paths in `--setup-info-yaml` and tool paths

Bug fixes:

* Upgrade `pantry`: module mapping insertions into the database are now atomic.
Previously, if you SIGTERMed at the wrong time while running a script, you
could end up with an inconsistent database state.

* `--resolver global` doesn't retrieve snapshots list from the internet
beause doesn't need it. See

* Fix using relative links in haddocks output. See
* Do not include generated cabal file information in lock files. See

* Use proper Hoogle executable path when installed automatically. See

* Fix GHC version for batched package unregistration. See

* Use Hoogle from the snapshot used and not the latest version. See

* Resolve "'stty' is not recognized". See

* Fix missing reconfigure check causing errors when a package gets
used in multiple projects. See

Emanuel Borsboom

Apr 2, 2020, 7:58:15 PM4/2/20
to haskell-cafe, haskell-stack, “”
I should add: you can download binaries here:
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