ANN: first release candidate for stack-2.9.1

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Sep 5, 2022, 3:50:02 PM9/5/22

You can download binaries for this pre-release from:

Please test it and let us know at the Stack repository if you run into any trouble. If all goes well, we hope to release the final version in a couple of weeks.

Changes since v2.7.5:

Behavior changes:

  • stack build --coverage will generate a unified coverage report, even if
    there is only one 
    *.tix file, in case a package has tested the library of
    another package that has not tested its own library. See
  • stack --verbose no longer includes the lengthy raw snapshot layer (rsl) in
    the debug output by default. The new 
    stack --[no-]rsl-in-log flag enables or
    disables the inclusion of the rsl in the debug output.

Other enhancements:

  • Bump to Hpack 0.35.0.
  • On Windows, the installer now sets DisplayVersion in the registry, enabling
    tools like 
    winget to properly read the version number.
  • Adds flag --script-no-run-compile (disabled by default) that uses the
    --no-run option with stack script (and forces the --compile option).
    This enables a command like 
    stack --script-no-run-compile Script.hs to
    behave like 
    stack script <arguments> --no-run --compile -- Script.hs but
    without having to list all the 
    <arguments> in the Stack interpreter options
    comment in 
    Script.hs on the command line. That may help test that scripts
    compile in CI (continuous integration). See
  • Fuller help is provided at the command line if a subcommand is missing (for
    stack ls now yields the equivalent of stack ls --help). See
  • Add build option --cabal-verbosity=VERBOSITY to specify the Cabal verbosity
    level (the option accepts Cabal's numerical and extended syntax).
    See #1369
  • Add the possibility of a sh script to customise fully GHC installation. See
  • tools subcommand added to stack ls, to list stack's installed tools.
  • stack uninstall shows how to uninstall Stack.
  • --ghc-variant accepts int-native as a variant.

Bug fixes:

  • Fix stack clean --full, so that the files to be deleted are not in use. See
  • Fix an inconsistency in the pretty formatting of the output of
    stack build --coverage
  • Fix repeated warning about missing parameters when using stack new
  • Include pantry-0.5.6: Remove operational and mirror keys from bootstrap key
    set #53
  • Pass any CPP options specified via cpp-options: in the Cabal file to GHCi
    using GHC's 
    -optP flag. See
  • On Unix-like operating systems, respect the with-gcc option when installing
    GHC. See #5609
  • Fixed logic in get_isa() in to exclude systems that don't
    have x86 in their 
    uname -m output. See
  • Fixed output of stack ls snapshots local on Windows, to behave like that on
    Unix-like operating systems.
  • Fix non-deterministic test failures when executing a test suite for a
    multi-project repository with parallelism enabled. See
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