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Emanuel Borsboom

Oct 15, 2020, 12:36:53 PM10/15/20
See for installation and upgrade instructions.

**Changes since v2.3.3**

Major changes:
* Add the `snapshot-location-base` yaml configuration option, which allows to
override the default location of snapshot configuration files. This option
affects how snapshot synonyms (LTS/Nightly) are expanded to URLs by the
`pantry` library.
* `docker-network` configuration key added to override docker `--net` arg

Behavior changes:

* File watching now takes into account specified targets, old behavior could
be restored using the new flag `--watch-all`

Other enhancements:

* `stack ls dependencies json` now includes fields `sha256` and `size` for
dependencies of `type` `archive` in `location`.
* Build failures now show a hint to scroll up to the corresponding section
* Customisable output styles (see `stack --help` and the `--stack-colors`
option, and `stack ls stack-colors --help`) now include `info`, `debug`,
`other-level`, `secondary` and `highlight`, used with verbose output.

Bug fixes:

* Fix `stack test --coverage` when using Cabal 3
* `stack new` now generates PascalCase'd module name correctly.
* Connection issues to Casa server no longer cause builds to failure. Casa acts
only as an optimizing cache layer, not a critical piece of infrastructure.
* Fix modified time busting caches by always calculating sha256 digest during
the build process.

**Thanks to all our contributors for this release:**

* Andrea Condoluci
* Andreas Herrmann
* Andres Schmois
* Ariel D. Moya Sequeira
* Brandon Chinn
* Cheah Jer Fei
* DerpyCrabs
* Emanuel Borsboom
* Felix Yan
* Jannik Theiß
* Jens Petersen
* Junji Hashimoto
* Kirill Zaborsky
* Michael Snoyman
* Mihai Maruseac
* Mike Pilgrem
* Niklas Hambüchen
* Ondřej Slámečka
* Piper McCorkle
* Thomas Lopatic
* tomjaguarpaw


Gleb Popov

Oct 15, 2020, 2:37:35 PM10/15/20
to Emanuel Borsboom,,,
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Doesn't compile for me GHC 8.10.2 when building using cabal:

Building library for casa-types-0.0.1..
[1 of 2] Compiling Casa.Types       ( src/Casa/Types.hs, dist/build/Casa/Types.o, dist/build/Casa/Types.dyn_o )

src/Casa/Types.hs:52:14: error:
    * Couldn't match expected type `Either String ByteString'
                  with actual type `(ByteString, ByteString)'
    * In the pattern: (result, wrong)
      In a case alternative:
          (result, wrong) | S.null wrong -> pure result
      In a stmt of a 'do' block:
        case Hex.decode (T.encodeUtf8 bytes) of
          (result, wrong) | S.null wrong -> pure result
          _ -> fail "Invalid hex key."
52 |              (result, wrong) | S.null wrong -> pure result
   |              ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
cabal: Failed to build casa-types-0.0.1 (which is required by pantry-
See the build log above for details.

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