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Ben Lippmeier

Mar 9, 2016, 8:04:17 PM3/9/16
to, Eric Crockett,

> The HaskellPlatform now ships with vector-, but the latest repa requires vector-0.10.*. It would be great to get repa supporting vector-0.11 so that it can be easily used with HP.

vector-0.11 changed the fundamental representation of streams, so updating Repa to work with it could be a hassle. I still need to do a proper triage.

> It's not clear that repa is very actively maintained these days :-( Why not take over and make this change yourself?

I went through an excessively busy period last year and didn’t have time to work on it. Google groups also stopped sending me mails, so I didn’t see this message until now. “if an email falls in the forest and no one sees it.. yada yada”

There is also Repa 4 in Github now, but it needs more bake before it’s in a releasable state.


Eric Crockett

Feb 26, 2017, 5:29:36 PM2/26/17
to Haskell Repa,,
Is there a timeline for vector-0.12 support?

Ben Lippmeier

Feb 27, 2017, 8:44:40 AM2/27/17
to Eric Crockett, Haskell Repa,

> On 27 Feb 2017, at 9:29 AM, Eric Crockett <> wrote:
> Is there a timeline for vector-0.12 support?

There was a PR a few weeks ago, but it didn’t pass all the tests. Requires investigation.

Repa really needs some love from someone actively using it. I’m happy to add maintainers if you want to work on it directly. I’ve mostly moved onto successor systems, but they’re not ready for production use yet.


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