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Sep 12, 2012, 6:51:08 PM9/12/12
to harp-l-meta discussions
Can someone post a link to the Meta list? I've completely forgotten how to
access it (which I imagine is the reason more people hadn't posted there
since there doesn't see to be a way to find it), and have just now done a
futile search in the harp-l archives.

I don't honestly remember how I got to it the one time I was able to read
fjm's many blog posts.

1)Since we're precluded from discussing the impending demise of harp-l
other than ON the Meta list it would seem that access to that site might be
made more accessible via a link?

2)I'd like to know if the list is closing down on October 1 (in which case
there are only 18 days left) or if the plan is to continue it through the
end of October?

3) Will the membership be informed if someone else is taking it over as
Bill Lifford offered to do if he had help from a webmaster type person as


El Rey de los Super Mochomos

Sep 14, 2012, 9:36:52 PM9/14/12
I'd basically wanted to just add that I too think Facebook is NOT at all a good idea for harp-l despite my having had an fb page of my own for a while. I've been neglectful for a few months and don't miss it much at all---only a few of my contacts. I read the Times article you posted and it's spot on: every single bit of private info one has ever posted 'even if deleted'  is there in perpetuity IF you don't pre-disallow fb from using it--yet no one knew that was an option going in.There was a news article just today about the NYPD vis-a-vis using social networking sites--but I couldn't access it to read in what capacity they were going about doing so.

 Further, on FB the posts fly by at lightning speed --and nearly impossible to refind a post or link if you miss's not a 'forum', one has to wade through sometimes hundreds of posts in those 'other' online fb harmnonica sites to read anything relevant. The argument that there are other  harp sites makes it all the more reason (imho) not to put harp-l there since that niche is filled. If anyone's spent anytime on the others, they should understand why.

I'd only add that when it comes to actual forum sites: they're not all the same. Some are terrible, requiring daily participation, a scrolling and live online --and uncontrollable interaction--with many participants using fake id's, so a LOT of trollinh, but a couple are the way Slidemeister has now evolved into: a comfortable place to 'visit' --I'm not sure when you last saw that site but it isn't now how you described it: is much more mellow, less restrictive and more easily run since AJ gave over the bulk of that aspect of it to his son Gabe. What I like best is that threads are alive, visible and can be picked up on even weeks/months later. It's 'evolved;, for the better,,to my mind, anyway.

 Again, though--I sometimes let long stretches of time go by before I visit.

So perhaps something 'in between' if not kept just as is? I kind of liked that both lists were different enough so there was zero chance of confusion or overlap --for me, anyway.

My 02 cents,fwiw.


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