Harp-L transition plan -- status update?

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William Lifford, CP

Oct 17, 2012, 9:58:56 PM10/17/12
to harp-l-meta...@googlegroups.com
Hello listowner and others on the meta list,

Where do we stand with the whole Harp-L transition plan? As I recall,
our listowner was going to work towards spelling out in more detail what
he was looking for in a future listowner. But I don't recall hearing
any more to that end.

For a while, John Concilius and myself were trying to figure out if we
could band together and share listowner/moderation duties in order to be
able to preserve Harp-L. We had agreed to talk more if we hadn't heard
anything from the listowner by September 15th. I have been slammed with
both work and home responsibilities and haven't had the time to get back
to John or the rest of the meta list regarding this. That said, with my
workload at my job being completely overwhelming, and showing no signs
of abating, I'm afraid I must withdraw any offer of helping out with
Harp-L's listownership or moderation of the list. I'm still more than
willing to contribute financially, but I am not on my computer every
day, so I don't see how I would possibly have the time to read all of
the posts or tend to the other duties of keeping the list running.

Perhaps I misunderstood or misinterpreted one of the prior posts, but it
seemed to me that perhaps fjm was considering staying on as
listowner/moderator as long as the financial responsibility was no
longer uniquely his. Is this the case? Or did I just get the wrong idea?

Additionally, I know that the finances of Harp-L are secure until
January or so, and that there were some plans underway to continue
financing the list. Again, I've heard nothing new, just that some
aspects of this were being discussed. Again, I'm certainly willing to
contribute a substantial portion of the list's annual cost if need be.

I hope I am not being a pain in the ass about all of this; my apologies
if I am a nuisance. Maybe there are lots of dealings behind-the-scenes
that I have not been part of; is this the case? It's totally fine with
me either way, I just want to know if the list is dying out when fjm
leaves. Or if he's definitely leaving, etc. etc. etc.

Thanks for hearing me on this,

Bill Lifford

William Lifford, CP
Progressive O&P, Inc.
1111 Willis Avenue
Albertson, NY 11507

Slim Heilpern

Oct 23, 2012, 10:00:13 AM10/23/12
to harp-l-meta...@googlegroups.com
Hi Bill -

I can address one aspect of this only. I have volunteered to be the middle-man for harp-l fundraising and the list owner has accepted my proposal. Fundraising details will be posted to harp-l at the beginning of November.

Hope this helps....

- Slim.
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John Concilus

Oct 23, 2012, 10:18:56 AM10/23/12
to harp-l-meta...@googlegroups.com


I was a volunteer to contribute server hosting and Mailman list management to whatever degree was needed. Since nobody has contacted me at all (except William),  I  assume at this point that other options are being explored. 


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