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b boggs

Aug 16, 2012, 12:38:35 PM8/16/12
Harp-l has kept my interest in the mode it has been because of the guidelines that the listowner has encouraged.
When the meta begins in earnest, then my appreciation wanes quickly.
There is enough of that on other sites.

On Thu, Aug 16, 2012 at 3:50 AM, <> wrote:


    "William Lifford, CP" <> Aug 15 08:25AM -0400  

    Hello all Harp-L'ers,
    /(obligatory harmonica content: I thought I was really awesome at
    playing the harmonica, until I joined Harp-L and found what truly
    awesome players can do with a harp. Boy, that was a rough couple of
    weeks, adjusting to my non-awesomeness.)/
    I'm not a prolific poster on Harp-L, but have been a member for many
    years (and I even produced one of Harp-L's compilations a ways back) and
    I enjoy the list greatly. But I need to remind all of you about something.
    Our listowner is RETIRING in October 2012. He mentioned this a year
    ago, and some discussions about what to do were bandied about on the
    Harp-L 'Meta Discussion' Google groups list, but they kind of died out
    -- and currently there is NO succession plan. Basically, Harp-L will
    cease to exist by November 2012 if we do not band together and do
    something about it.
    I am am willing to volunteer to become the new Harp-L listowner. But I
    cannot even come close to fulfilling all the responsibilities of the
    job, because I'm not well versed in computer stuff. The only way I
    could do this would be if I had the help of others.
    Hopefully my sounding the alarm will cause someone way more qualified
    than I to step up and say "I will be the new listowner", but maybe not.
    I therefore ask all of you:
    1. Do all of you want Harp-L to continue?
    2. Do any of you have any experience with Listserves or any of that
    stuff? If so, is there a concrete list of tasks that need to be done on
    a regular basis to make this list continue to stay viable? Please tell
    me so that we can find people to help with these tasks.
    3. Would some of you be willing to partner up with me or somebody else
    and keep this list running? I read pretty much every post and certainly
    could help with moderating. But I am simply not qualified now (though I
    am willing to learn) to do the computer-end of stuff required to manage
    4. Are all of you willing to put up with the mistakes I will invariably
    make while learning to manage the list?
    Thanks for listening/reading. I think Harp-L is just too good to let it
    die out.
    Bill Lifford
    William Lifford, CP
    Progressive O&P, Inc.
    1111 Willis Avenue
    Albertson, NY 11507


    El Rey de los Super Mochomos <> Aug 15 09:34AM -0700  

    harp-l would have died out long ago of the model hadn't been shifted.
    Why we have existed is to provide connections for people. It used to
    make me crazy that prolific posters would get upset and then take
    their marbles and go home. They weren't actually going home they were
    going off into corners to converse in relationships they had formed by
    belonging to harp-l. The end all be all of harp-l is not the
    conversation it's the connections you can establish.
    This is what worries me. Just a couple of people seem to understand
    this. That and the no meta rule. By and large most people would
    favour allowing meta. The persistence of the off topic rubric as a
    means of trying to introduce meta to harp-l is proof of this.
    Allowing meta would be the effective end of harp-l. We'd become
    Modern Blues Harmonica. That ecological niche has already been filled
    and quite nicely by Adam and his members
    So I wasn't born knowing any of this. I learned it on the fly and in
    the process I made a lot of mistakes. Nothing like beating your head
    against a wall to help you figure out that stopping makes the headache
    go away.
    Today so far I've had one post to harp-l saying cool great time to
    migrate the list onto a forum framework. If that's what people want
    then they don't need the subscriber list or the name. They can just
    start one up and go head to head with Adam. Good luck with that one.
    We talk about web 1.0 versus web 2.0 versus mobile platforms. Harp-l
    is web 0.2 or just about there. We don't translate well on to smart
    devices. The last time I checked we had 2300 some odd subscribed
    addresses. We cull actively so that's a good count. Remember
    Netscape, AOL, My Space? All either gone or mere shadows of their
    former selves. Generally speaking they didn't do well when the world
    moved out from under them. That we still exist tells you it isn't
    about the technology it's about the connections.
    Perhaps there is no free lunch but harp-l is as free as we can make
    it. No ads, no subscriber costs and very little moderation and none
    of it in advance of your posting. No culture that reflects the
    ownership of the list. I really try hard to be invisible.


    William Lifford <> Aug 15 12:43PM -0400  

    That's exactly why it is so important. Because the connections to people
    are the key. I don't see the point of going to a forum, either, because
    that niche seems to be filled by MBH. And the tone of MBH is quite
    contentious at times.
    Now we are up against the deadline, though as you mentioned to me there
    might be a small bit of wiggle room with that.
    Can you help point us to where we need to be in terms of personnel and
    On Aug 15, 2012 12:34 PM, "El Rey de los Super Mochomos" <>


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