Nextdoor Censorship Poll - For the Record

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George Schiro

Aug 3, 2019, 7:11:41 PM8/3/19
to gg

It's been quite awhile. I almost forgot about this.

For the long-term history of Harmony, it's important to have a record of a local politician's active involvement in suppressing freedom speech in Harmony.

Many examples of Harmony CDD Supervisor Kerul Kassel's censorship activities previously appeared in this forum:

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All of this culminated in a Nextdoor poll of Harmony neighbors (and beyond):

    Nextdoor Poll (see ):

          How do you feel about preventing important
          local issues (ie. local political topics)
          from appearing here on Nextdoor?


          As of today, this poll still exists on Nextdoor.
          I suspect Kerul could never figure out how to
          expunge it (it's not like an ordinary post that
          she can simply have removed at will). If she
          ever figures out how to do that, it will likely
          disappear too (like all the others).

What follows is a snapshot of the poll on Nextdoor. As you can see, the poll was sent to 6 neighborhoods, including Harmony. At the time, more than 1000 people were included.

The default response to the poll (if you did nothing) was in favor of  freedom of speech. You had to go out of your way to proclaim your opposition to the 1st Amendment (ie. in favor of censorship).

As you can also see, exactly 2 people voted in favor of censorship out of more than 1000, only 2.

Who were those 2 people? They were Kerul Kassel and her husband David Leeman.

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