School Board Public Records Removed

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Aug 5, 2011, 6:14:31 PM8/5/11
to gg
I have posted quite a bit recently about the Osceola County School Board. I
have also referred to the school district's website several times. In
particular, I have made reference to the list of school board meeting

The above page has an image link that reads "Click to Enter". Upon entering,
a list of many school board meeting videos were previously displayed for
viewing (from 2/15/2001 through 7/26/2011).

Bear in mind that since there are no verbatim meeting minutes made available
by this school district, these videos are the only complete public record of
what actually happened during these public meetings.

As of today, these previously available public meeting videos are no longer
available via the school district's website.

The video record of 20 public meetings have been removed, including the May
17, 2011 meetings pertaining to the selection of Terry Andrews as the new

This is a very troubling development.

Why do you suppose that the previously available videos are no longer
available for public access on the Osceola County School District website?

Who do you suppose made the decision to eliminate public access to these
public records?


Aug 18, 2011, 12:43:08 PM8/18/11
Apparently our new superintendent, Mr. Terry Andrews, made the decision to
remove these public records from the school district website. That was a bad
decision, IMHO.

Hopefully our school board, the people we elected to represent us in this
school district will quickly address this serious issue with Mr. Andrews.
Hopefully also Mr. Andrews will soon come to realize what a mistake he made
and he will reverse it. Hope springs eternal!

In the mean time, the videos that were summarily stripped from the Osceola
County School District website have now been made available online again,
free of charge and accessible to everyone from here:

or you can start from here:

and select "Osceola County School Board" from the menu.


Aug 29, 2011, 7:32:54 AM8/29/11
*** UPDATE ***

Between the time of the previous post on this topic (8/18) and now, more
surreptitious changes have been made to the Osceola County School Board's
website. It looks like Superintendent Terry Andrews has had another
about-face regarding the meeting videos.

The web page announcing the online unavailability of school board meeting
videos has now been removed. WebCite still has it: . Now when anyone attempts to see the
previous "archive_videos.asp" page, this is what they see instead: .

So the "archive_videos.asp" page was summarily and unceremoniously yanked
from view, just like the meeting videos were previously.

While the Osceola County School Board videos have now been magically
restored, I wouldn't count on these telling videos being permanently
available indefinitely as long as the current group of school board members
are still running things in Osceola County Schools.

Just in case the meeting videos disappear again (prior to the next two
elections), they will continue to be available here:

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