Saving Harmony's Fire Station

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Aug 4, 2011, 7:31:10 AM8/4/11
to HarmonyFL
This is a continuation of the 2/18/2011 post by the same name ( ):

Thank you again Fred. I am sure that more questions
will arise in the near future.

In mean time, I think it would be helpful for you, the
firefighters or anyone else to offer any creative ideas
for discussion on how we can get past this impasse and
help eliminate this nagging fear that Harmony's fire
station will be closed anytime in the foreseeable

*** Update! ***

Commissioner Fred Hawkins has officially announced that the Harmony
Fire Station will not be closing (see )!

Thank you for all your help with this Fred. Your continued engagement
on this topic (among others) is something that the residents of
Harmony will not soon forget. Your ongoing willingness to be
responsive to your constituents in a direct and open way like this is
something entirely new. You are setting a great example for future
commissioners and other public officials in our area (and perhaps
beyond). You deserve much kudos for this fundamental and
groundbreaking example of transparency and accountability among our
public officials.

Thank you Commissioner Hawkins!

Adam Seithel

Aug 6, 2011, 9:36:14 AM8/6/11

While I would like to say this is a victory for Harmony, I would hope you understand that we are concerned for all the other areas that were proposed to be cut. As for Commissioner Hawkins comment that the Manager believes that these cuts will not be made in the end, I would say we are cautiously optimistic.

As a point of thought though, if the proposed cuts were to go through and the Pine Grove and Holopaw firehouses were to be closed this would mean that the vast areas these three stations currently protect would be covered by Harmony as Commissioner Hawkins indicated. But with that the long response times and duration of the incidents that occur in the other two firehouses cut would mean less time your fire engine is down the street from your community to provide you the level of service you deserve.

As for your question on how to prevent cuts in the future with the Fire Dept is dependent on the economy and times we are faced with. The Fire Chief and I have worked together with citizen action committees, staff, and the BOCC to make this the leanest Fire Dept that we can. Our budget is generated from property tax and with property values declining this unfortunately is something that we are faced with every year until the times change or the Board sets a level of service that shall be provided to the County residents and visitors.  With that being said the only true found method of change is though voters concern and comments and you have an avenue here with your Commissioner, but I would not let that stop you from contacting all of the Board members and let them know your pleasure with the Harmony firehouse remaining open and your opposition with any cuts being proposed to the level of service the County currently provides. Here is contact information for that to be made:

·         Commissioner Hawkins       

·         Commissioner Attkisson      

·         Chairman Arrington              

·         Commissioner Quinones    

·         Commissioner Harford        


As for public comment is can also be made at the public budget meetings being held:

·         Sept 6, 7, and 20 at 5:30 pm


Thank you for your time and concerns


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