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George Schiro

Nov 27, 2017, 6:02:06 PM11/27/17
to gg
I attended the Harmony ROA meeting a few weeks ago, the one after the so-called HROA election. I use the term "so-called" since, as I think most Harmony residents would agree, the "election" was really a "selection" by the outgoing Starwood development company, not by the residents of Harmony (see "HROA Election - Starwood's Parting Gift", ).

I came to the meeting to see if Steve Berube would do the right thing, the decent thing, and step down, since he wasn't actually elected by Harmony residents. He didn't.

I also came to ask a few questions of the new developer, Sun Terra (see , represented in Harmony by Nick Shoopman).

After waiting patiently for hours, I pointed out how multiple times during the meeting Steve Berube spoke of the importance of citizens' active democratic civic involvement in Harmony. I asked Nick Shoopman (the new developer) if he agreed with this. Shoopman agreed wholeheartedly.

I then pointed out how the previous developer (Starwood) applied all of its 139 votes to the very people now sitting on the HROA board (those currently in attendance). I also pointed out how 2 out of 3 of these people (ie. Steve Berube and Jason Meisel) were not elected by Harmony residents.

This was NOT a democratic outcome.

I then asked Shoopman if he could make a commitment not to repeat this behavior during the next HROA election (in other words, would he refrain from voting?) so the election would be truly democratic and based exclusively on votes from people living in Harmony (ie. one vote per resident):

    Schiro:     Are you going to abstain and just let the
                people vote? [during the next HROA election]

    Shoopman:   I'm not sure yet.

    Schiro:     When do you think you will be sure Nick?

    Shoopman:   I'm not sure.

    Schiro:     Would you mind if I emailed you once a month as a reminder
                and then let everyone else know once you are sure?

    Shoopman:   I think your questions are a bit ridiculous at this point.

    Berube:     I motion to end the meeting.

As you can see, Berube took the hint from the new developer and immediately shut me down. No more questions about Harmony elections, none to the developer, Berube or anyone else.

So much for democracy in Harmony (under the so-called leadership of Steve Berube).

Ryan Schiro

Nov 27, 2017, 8:54:09 PM11/27/17
to, gg
Typical behavior. Berube has always been on the developer side, and that's what they want: a yes man. Life is easier when things are handed to you and he is clearly comfortable there. I wouldn't expect anything new based on Shoopman's response.

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