The Interview (on the Harmony Horse Amenity)

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Oct 6, 2009, 10:11:47 PM10/6/09
I had no previous intention of continuing the discussion of the "Harmony
Horse Amenity" (see ) or the related "Conflict of
Interest" of CDD Supervisor Kerul Kassel (both now well documented, see ), but there have been two persistent purveyors
of misinformation or misdirection on these subjects and they seem unwilling
to relent.

It would be a real shame if David Leeman (Kerul's husband) and Jim Warren
(Dave & Kerul's friend) can get away with it.

What we have here are two opposing points of view (mine and theirs). While I
have published the relevant facts openly and honestly, I have also tried to
avoid labeling Jim and Dave as liars merely because we disagree on the facts
or their interpretation.

Yet both Dave and Jim have repeatedly called me a liar outright and without
hesitation, even though a thorough reading of the evidence proves otherwise.

What is called for now is an independent view on this matter. We need
someone familiar enough with the subject to take an interest in
participating, while at the same time being far enough removed from all of
this to remain objective.

I have found one person who meets both of these criteria. Her name is Carla
Poirier. Carla is a long-time resident of Harmony. Carla is also very
familiar with what went on in Harmony regarding the horses at the very

For the sake of full disclosure I must say that I have a friendly
relationship with Carla (as I do with most of my neighbors). Carla and her
mother have been to my home on a few occasions to join me and my family for
Sunday dinner. Over the years I have had the opportunity to ask Carla
questions about Harmony amenities. The horse amenity is just one among many
that we have discussed.

Carla is honest, forthright and not one to mince words. If she does not
agree with something, she says so plainly.

I sat down with Carla on 10/5/2009. She graciously agreed to be interviewed
on the subjects of the "Harmony Horse Amenity" and the attendant "Conflict
of Interest". What follows are the questions that I posed and Carla's
answers. The full recorded interview (almost 30 minutes) is available to
anyone who wants to hear it. I have included 3 excerpts from the interview
as audio attachments below.

George) "How long have you lived in Harmony?"

Carla) "Since 2003."

George) "Is it true that you are a licensed attorney?"

Carla) "Yes I am, in the state of Hawaii."

George) "Is it true that you were a member of the charter school board in

Carla) "Yes I was."

George) "Who was the chairman of the board at that time?"

Carla) "I believe it was Martha Lentz [wife of the original developer of

George) "As far as you know Martha was happy to have you on the board?"

Carla) "Yes, I think it was a unanimous vote [to select Carla for the
school board]."

George) "How is it that you are familiar with the horse situation in the
early days of Harmony?"

Carla) "When I first moved here I wanted to be able to rent horses and
ride. So I was always interested in the horse situation here in Harmony. And
I had several friends that had horses and so I was invited to participate in
some of the meetings and I agreed to go to them. I was a 'non-horse person'
at these meetings. There were several of us."

George) "Do you know your neighbors who currently have horses in Harmony?"

Carla) "Right now I am only aware of three families that have horses (and I
apologize I don't know everybody's last name but): Cindy and Doug, Kerul and
Dave, and Susan and Lester" [Note: Carla remembered Kerul's husband and
Susan's husband, but she needed to be reminded of their names.]

George) "Were you in attendance at any of the horse meetings that included
Bob Evans and the folks who currently have horses in Harmony?"

Carla) "Yes ..." [Note: You can hear Carla's complete response in the first
attachment below.]

George) "Do you remember Bob Evans saying anything about the arrangement
between the developer and some residents to board their horses in Harmony in
2005? What did he say? What was your understanding of what you heard?"

Carla) "What happened was ..." [Note: You can hear Carla's complete
response in the second attachment below.]

George) "Have you seen the email referenced in the topic entitled 'Harmony
Horse Amenity Q & A - Agreements ((continued))' posted on 9/9/2009?" (see )

Carla) "Yes."

George) "Does that email contain statements that confirm that silence was
understood to be part of the horse deal with the developer?"

Carla) "Yes."

George) "Is the author of the email actually one of the people you know to
be in on the horse deal with the developer?"

Carla) "One of the originals, yes."

George) "As the email claims, is it also your understanding that the folks
in on the special horse deal agreed to remain silent about the problems with
the Harmony Horse Amenity or about Harmony issues in general? Please

Carla) "Yes, it was very clear by the developer's statement and the people
taking the advantage of the land and using it that that's what they agreed
to, otherwise they wouldn't have taken the land."

George) "Do you suspect that the developer would have provided the land if
they did not make that agreement?"

Carla) "No, he [Bob Evans] made it perfectly clear that they wouldn't get
the land if they didn't shut up."

George) "Are you one of the people who spoke to Kathy Ball about the Harmony
Horse Amenity and to whom she refers to in her posts about 'the meeting in
which they were told to keep quiet ... why would three other people say they
were there if they weren't?' (see ) and 'people
who told me were reputable people who still agree this is a wrong deal' (see )?"

Carla) "I am one of those people, yes. I still feel that way."

George) "Is it your view that Kerul Kassel's involvement with this special
horse boarding arrangement with the developer constitutes a conflict of
interest? Please elaborate."

Carla) "Yes. I am attorney and I'm well aware of what 'conflict of
interest' is ..." [Note: You can hear Carla's complete response in the third
attachment below.]

2009-10-05 'Horse Meeting Unannounced' Excerpt - Interview with Carla Poirier on the Harmony Horse Amenity.mp3
2009-10-05 'Deal for Silence' Excerpt - Interview with Carla Poirier on the Harmony Horse Amenity.mp3
2009-10-05 'Conflict of Interest' Excerpt - Interview with Carla Poirier on the Harmony Horse Amenity.mp3

James Warren

Oct 7, 2009, 7:45:10 PM10/7/09
"I had no previous intention of continuing the discussion of the "Harmony
Horse Amenity"-
 Yet you still did. Proving you are unable to keep your word, you old scallywag

James Warren

Oct 8, 2009, 10:21:57 AM10/8/09
It would be a real shame if David Leeman (Kerul's husband) and Jim Warren
(Dave & Kerul's friend) can get away with it.
Get away with what? Voicing an opinion???

What you have shown George is that the whole post regarding the Horse amenity was a farce.
You have no interest in the Horse amenity, and you used it to personally attack Kerul Kassel and her post on the CDD board.
You have shown that despite all your posting, and slander and b**sh** your primary aim was to venemously attack your neighbor.
A neighbor who despite your slanderous attacks, had the balls to stand for the post (unlike you). And has since proved that the majority of voters (yes George MAJORITY) were right in giving Kerul the seat. She has not only voiced some concerns, and helped improve the maintenance of the community, but helped save some money.
Not only that she has manged to push through more EVENING Meetings for residents who care to show up (George this was your pet hate at one time, yet I hear no praise).
So despite your attacks that she has been gifted some thing from the CDD to keep her quiet she has proven the opposite.

Lets face it George, despite your personal attacks, how many people have attended the CDD meetings calling for her to step down ????

And lets get things into REAL perspective now.
The CDD is only a management tool for the upkeep of the community. Primarily it is run for the community, by the community. Kerul loves the comunity. Why shouldn't she help in this way?
Given the present climate the community is facing up well is it not?
Most residents don't bother to attend, as they dont care as long as things look good, and their taxes are not increased.
I did not hear anyone come to the last meeting and say "great no tax increase this year". Unlike last year when a lot turned out because of an increase. Again what does that tell you?
Despite all your posts you have achived only one thing. That one thing is that you have proven what an insensitive ass you are, and have lost any support you may have got.
The bottom line is, the CDD is not local council or political. It is a board if residents who care for their community, and want it to remain a great place to live, friends and neighbors. 
I doubt you have that luxury. What a shame..........................

PS. Loved the Nancy Grace type interview (no disrespect to Nancy).. What a plonker..........


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