Nov 2013 - Missouri Section of Harmony Gas Pipeline Explodes

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George Schiro

Jan 12, 2014, 4:58:08 PM1/12/14
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As many of you are now aware, Harmony has two immense natural gas pipelines
running directly through its center and adjacent to the Harmony Community
School (see "Harmony Developer Fails to Disclose Gas Pipelines", ).

Developer apologists like Ray Ralls would have Harmony residents believe
there are no risks to having 500 million standard feet of explosive natural
gas running through Harmony each day.

What Ray refers to as "misinformation" is actually the documented plain
truth that he and his Starwood / Harmony Development Company friends would
prefer you not know. They have done nothing to help educate Harmony
residents about the potential dangers here and they have no regard for the
health and wellbeing of you and your family. What matters more is selling
houses in Harmony.

During these past holidays there were two natural gas pipeline explosions,
one was the same pipeline that runs through Harmony, a section in Missouri
(see "EnergyTransferMap.jpg" attachment). It's the same pipeline with the
same gas operated by the same company, Energy Transfer.

Read for yourself (see other attachments):

Reuters - Gas pipeline explodes in Missouri,
no injuries reported

Sedalia explosion: Gas pipeline ruptures in Missouri

"A 30-inch natural gas pipeline [same size in Harmony]
rupture caused an explosion north of Sedalia, Mo.,
Thursday night. The fire caused by the explosion could
be seen 12 miles away."

Second Natural Gas Pipeline Explodes; That�s Two in Two Weeks

'Friday's explosion was heard miles away including in
Sedalia, the county seat of Pettis County and the home
of the Missouri State Fair. Sedalia is about an hour
east of Kansas City.

"I live about 12 miles away ... and I heard the
explosion," said Pettis County Sheriff Kevin Bond. "I
thought it was a nearby residence. When I looked out, I
could see the large fireball."'
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