Carl Cricket - 2011-03-23

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Mar 23, 2011, 12:05:46 PM3/23/11
to gg
Someone who calls himself or herself "Carl Cricket" emailed me this morning
about a new entry in the "Carl Cricket" blog (also posted this morning, see ).

It would appear that most of the folks who post on the "Carl Cricket" blog
use pseudonyms.

I just wanted to say that I think that the use of pseudonyms is less than
productive. IMHO, if folks genuinely wish to have a long-term impact on the
improvement of our communities, we really need to speak up openly and
honestly about the issues. This is the only way that others can have some
confidence in the veracity of whatever we are writing.

Needless to say, there is almost no anonymous posting going on here. I
pretty much insist that people identify themselves if they want to write
anything of substance here. Anonymity, IMHO, allows for the potential
publication of misinformation in support of hidden agendas. That was the
essence of the "Developer Dirty Tricks?" post written last year (see ). I am sure that this policy is at least a small
part of why the volume of posting is so limited in this space.

I hope I haven't offended the folks over at Carl's blog. That was certainly
not my intention. I just wish more people would speak up openly so that the
problems that we all share can be more quickly resolved.

Someone must have forwarded my "Debra Pace" email to Carl. I don't know who,
but as I responded to Carl this morning, this is OK with me since I try not
to say privately what I wouldn't want said publicly (unless of course it's a
private matter between family and friends). That said, if anyone shares with
me something that they wish to be kept in confidence, I always honor such

Anyway, what I wrote in the email pretty much says it all from my
perspective. Hopefully the powers-that-be are attentive and act quickly
enough before we lose any valuable International Baccalaureate teachers at
Gateway High.


Mar 23, 2011, 12:24:01 PM3/23/11
I noticed that the "Carl Cricket" site ( seems to be down
now. Gee I hope it wasn't me! I just tried to post a message there a few
minutes ago.
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