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Mar 22, 2012, 12:01:55 PM3/22/12
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It is my opinion that we have a serious need to increase the quality of
candidates running for office in Osceola County. To this end I am
endeavoring to approach various candidates directly.

I will ask that candidates running for public office in Osceola County
produce independently verifiable information that shows they are among the
best educated among us and that they aspire to the highest standards of
excellence. I believe that these qualities have been severely lacking at all
levels of local government in Osceola County.

We ask our kids to take standardized tests to prove what they know. Why not
ask adult political candidates to produce their scores from these same

This is also a part of my ongoing efforts to help expand the cause of
transparency and accountability in Osceola County.

So I approached Ryan Williams, former prosecutor and candidate for state
attorney, with a special request.

I asked Mr. Williams if he would be willing to let me publish his resume as
well as his standardized test scores. He agreed without hesitation.

Mr. Williams' resume is attached. His test scores (among other statistics)

Valedictorian - South Lake High School

High School GPA: 4.6 weighted, 4.0 unweighted

SAT: 1250 (math + verbal)
ACT: 29

Top Five in Class - Rollins College
Rollins College GPA: 3.98
LSAT: 162/88%
University of North Carolina School of Law
Chapel Hill
Law School GPA: 3.393

Here's the commitment Mr. Williams has made:

Please consider this email my commitment, in writing,
to ordering official transcripts of all my scores
within three months of taking office and then making
them a matter of public record. You may publish this
commitment, my resume, and reported scores in any media
outlet you like.

Like you, I believe transparency is vital to effective
government in which people can place their trust.
Nowhere is that more important than in the State
Attorney's Office, charged with ensuring justice is

Mr. Williams has also agreed to have his test scores sent directly to me
from the various testing agencies when the time comes. I will publish them
here when I receive them.

Thank you Mr. Williams for setting this example. Hopefully other candidates
for any office in Osceola County will not hesitate to do the same.

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