Request for Mary Guidone - 2011-07-21

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Dec 14, 2011, 12:40:14 PM12/14/11
to gg
This is a continuation of a previous topic by the same name (see ). That topic
left off with this from Mary Guidone on 10/5/2001:

In an effort to continue transparency Toho has obliged
a request from members of the Harmony Google Group to
coordinate with the HROA for a certified lab to take an
independent water quality sample.

We learned recently that the Harmony HOA / ROA has no interest whatsoever in
getting involved with water testing (see ). If
you read through the history of this topic you will see that HOA involvement
was never asked for by Harmony residents, but rather by Toho.

Anyway, I am sad to report that even after Mary's assurances the other day
(see ), Brian
Wheeler, Toho's Executive Director, vetoed Mary's promise of an independent
water test last night.

More specifically Mr. Wheeler said words to the effect "We'll see." (ie. in
a few years, after proposed system changes are completed).

Apparently the $900+ that it would cost for a independent certified water
test is too much for Toho to commit to now, even after it was pointed out
that in all likelihood Harmony residents have already collectively paid more
than $250,000 for home water treatment systems in Harmony.

Apparently Mr. Wheeler just doesn't get it.

Fred Hawkins gets it. Here's what he suggested months ago:

What I was trying to say is it [the independent water
test] would be a sign of transparency and a way of
regaining public trust. That is why I feel reaching out
to the community to select some company to
independently verify the water results and for TOHO to
pay for the testing would be a great step forward in
the process of public relations.

Clearly the Toho Water Authority sees things differently. Far from regaining
the public trust, they have diminished public trust even more by a
demonstrated lack of credibility.

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