Something a Christian Cannot Do

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George Schiro

Oct 24, 2020, 12:44:46 PM10/24/20
to gg
Unless a child is in danger, separating him or her from a parent, for any
reason, is an evil act.

People with empathy already know this. Any child knows this.

Such knowledge is instinctive in normal human beings. Even an orangutan
parent instinctively knows this.

Pope Francis recently spoke the plain and obvious truth for the whole world
to hear (see NPR:

It's cruelty, and separating kids from parents
goes against natural rights. It's something
a Christian cannot do.

Again, stated even more plainly, someone who would separate a child from a
parent is simply not a Christian. Doing so only proves that the pretender is
really something else.

Just before World War II the Nazis committed many atrocities short of mass
murder. All the world saw it (eg. "Kristallnacht", see ). Many if not most ordinary
German citizens were fully in support of the Nazis. They took pride in their
unwavering devotion to such a righteous cause.

Yet what kind of a person proudly supports - in even the slightest way -
such evil acts?

Who goes along with the perpetrators of such atrocities - yet never
questions in the their heart-of-hearts "Am I really doing God's will?"

In the privacy of our own thoughts, each and every one of us must ask
ourselves such questions, especially during times as troubling as these.

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