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Feb 18, 2012, 12:35:38 AM2/18/12
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As was mentioned previously (see "WTS International", and "Lochmere
Development Group", ), Starwood
Capital, the owners of Harmony Development Company use several layers of
compensated people to do their bidding in Harmony. We never actually see
Starwood faces in public in or around Harmony, or at least not since that
one and only public meeting where Bob Evans did all the talking way back in
2005 (again, see "Lochmere Development Group", ).

I think Starwood and its VP responsible for Harmony, Bob Geimer, like to
give the impression that they take a "hands-off" approach to managing
Harmony. This way others can appear to take full responsibility for whatever
really goes on here.

It is my view that having several layers between Starwood management and the
people actually getting their hands dirty in Harmony may give Starwood some
claim to plausible deniability whenever something goes wrong here. It would
appear that this technique is not limited to just Starwood management
though. This seems to be going on at all levels of the corporate hierarchy
responsible for Harmony. This will become more clear soon.

I almost forgot to mention more agents of Starwood who have played a role in
Harmony for several years now. In addition to "Lockmere Development" and
"WTS International" there is another layer of Starwood agents represented in
Harmony: "Troon Golf" (see ). These are the folks
who run the golf course in Harmony as well as the pro-shop and the

One individual employed directly by Troon is now a "VP" of Harmony
Development Company. His name is Brock Nicholas. That name may ring a bell
to anyone who has been reading this stuff for awhile.

Brock Nicholas used to run the Harmony Town Tavern before it was shutdown.
Brock is also someone who was apparently none too pleased when I wrote about
his escapades in false advertising (see ).

In addition to the obviously paid agents of Starwood, there seem to be other
agents of Starwood who appear to get their compensation in less than obvious
ways (see "Full Disclosure", ). It is my opinion
that David Leeman and Jim Warren fall into this category (not to mention
Kerul Kassel).

David Leeman and Jim Warren have been the chief apologists of Starwood /
Harmony Development Company in this forum for many years now. They have been
towing the party line all this time without ever having voluntarily
disclosed their relationship to the developer or to the real-estate business
in and around Harmony.

So just like the many layers of highly paid employees, contractors and
consultants who aggressively defend Starwood everywhere else (since Starwood
provides their bread and butter), David Leeman and Jim Warren would also
appear to serve that same purpose within this forum.

This must be clearly understood since David Leeman and Jim Warren are the
only two Harmony residents who have consistently come to Starwood's defense
time and again in this forum for all these years.

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