Clerk of Court - Pattern of Misconduct

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George Schiro

Aug 7, 2020, 12:25:25 PM8/7/20
to gg

A subject of the article below, Jennifer Soto, is no
relation to Kelvin Soto, Armando Ramirez's opponent.

Also, someone commented recently "If he were a
democrat, it wouldn't have even been reported."

Ramirez is a democrat. So much for that thesis.

From the Orlando Sentinel (see PDF attached):

Outside review found pattern of misconduct
at Osceola clerk's office

A report produced in May by an outside firm found a
litany of inappropriate practices in the Osceola Clerk
of Court's office, including questionable hirings of
friends and relatives of high-ranking officials as well
as abuse of work hours and time off.

The 48-page report - prepared by Tampa-based Brown Law
& Consulting and recently obtained by the Orlando
Sentinel - was commissioned by Clerk of Courts Armando
Ramirez after several members of his staff wrote
letters that "suggested a pervasive pattern of
inappropriate activity."


Ramirez's administration has consistently faced
scrutiny for alleged nepotism and other questionable
office practices dating back to soon after he was sworn
into office.

Just months into his first term, he announced Soto as
his chief deputy clerk despite her having only an
associate degree in paralegal studies and a handful of
years' experience working at a law firm.

Since then, according to the Brown Law report, Soto's
performance at her post and her alleged questionable
hirings caused Ramirez to express "concerns or regret
over having employed Jennifer," despite there being no
critical performance reviews on her record.

Pattern of misconduct at Osceola clerk's office, report finds - Orlando Sentinel.pdf

George Schiro

Aug 13, 2020, 12:18:51 PM8/13/20
The latest "Ramirez" article from the Sentinel (see PDF attached):

Another ugly headline? Time for Osceola clerk Ramirez to go


Keep in mind: That review was requested by the clerk's
office. Ramirez basically said: Hey, come tell me what
you think. And the investigator he hired said: Yo, I
think things are messed up. (It took her 35 pages to
detail all the ways.)

The report said the abundance of employee complaints
"suggested a pervasive pattern of inappropriate

Enough already

Looks like more "fake news" from the deep state complicit media.

Oops, I almost forgot! Translating "verifiable facts" to "fake news" only
applies to members of the repub party, sorry.
Another bad headline_ Time for Osceola clerk Ramirez to go - Orlando Sentinel.pdf

Aug 13, 2020, 1:07:20 PM8/13/20
Vote for Kelvin Soto to be the next Osceola Clerk of the Courts. Kelvin will do a great job as our clerk. I had the honor to serve on the Osceola School Board with Kelvin from 2012-2018. Kelvin is smart, organized, thoughtful and everything Armando Ramirez is not. Kelvin is a US Navy veteran with a Law Degree from UC Berkeley, and a Masters in Epidemiology. Kelvin is a great dad, with a son finishing up medical school at UCF.

My family has voted for Kelvin Soto and so should you. Kelvin Soto will bring professionalism and Dignity back to the position. VOTE KELVIN SOTO FOR CLERK OF THE COURT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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George Schiro

Aug 13, 2020, 1:19:11 PM8/13/20
Whoa Nelly! Stop the presses! You blasphemer! How can this be?

Jay, as a member in good standing with the repub party for so many years,
how can you possibly utter such a traitorous proclamation?

Certainly you must know Kelvin Soto is a democrat. Don't you fear
excommunication or something worse?

I pray for your soul Jay! (or perhaps your sole, take your pick).

Aug 13, 2020, 2:15:16 PM8/13/20
People are what matters most. Kelvin is top notch, he has my full support
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