Why Not Steve Berube?

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George Schiro

Sep 1, 2018, 10:39:11 AM9/1/18
to gg
8 Years ago I spoke to Steve Berube as well as to the other CDD candidates
in 2010. Here what I wrote at the time:

2010 Harmony CDD Candidates


During his short time on the CDD board I think that
Steve has already demonstrated that he will work hard
in the position of CDD supervisor. He is open and
responsive to Harmony residents, unlike other current
CDD supervisors.

Steve and I disagree on a few issues. Our main point of
contention is the developer. While Steve is inclined to
defer to the developer, I am not. I would prefer that
he stand up to the developer. Steve would rather try to
work with the developer, even if what the developer
wants is not necessarily in the best interests of
Harmony residents.


Then, although he was originally appointed to the Harmony CDD Board by the
developer (ie. Starwood), I voted for Steve Berube to continue as a Harmony
CDD Supervisor in 2010.

I recently sent an email to Steve asking for his accomplishments as a CDD
supervisor over the past decade:

Mr. Berube,

As a long-standing member of the Harmony CDD board of
supervisors, I am sure you have a long list of
accomplishments to share with your constituents. Please
do so now.

How has Harmony improved under your stewardship?

After having been on the Harmony CDD board for so long,
what are your plans to improve Harmony in the future?
In other words, why are you running once again?

I will soon publish your response in full.

Thank you for your cooperation with this request.

This was Steve's response:

Mr. Schiro;

Despite your seemingly open gesture to allow me to
share my accomplishments, I respectfully will decline
to do so. The simple reason is that for as long as you
have known me, you have worked against me and published
all sorts of ridiculous dribble attempting to discredit
me--and this request for information will be no
different. So, no thank you.

Here's the "dribble" I think Steve was referring to:

What Changed?

Steve wrote:

Mrs.Schiro NEVER approached any group I might have
been standing with.

This part of Steve's testimony is false. I saw it with
my own eyes and so did my wife.

My wife left the area where I was sitting and walked up
to a group of 4 people talking:

Brock Nicholas
Greg Golgowski
Shad Tome
Steve Berube

Since my wife only knows Greg, she talked to him first.
Greg said "Hi Nimi" and took a step or two away from
the other 3 to speak to her. Although my wife and Greg
were a few feet separated from the other 3, she
believes that Shad Tome, Brock Nicholas and Steve
Berube heard her ask Greg "Who is Shad Tome? I need to
talk to him."

Greg then pointed at one of the two people who had just
started walking away. The third person (who I later
confirmed was Steve Berube) stood alone a few feet
away. While talking to Greg for several minutes before
the police arrived on the scene, my wife knew that
Steve was still there. Her impression was that Steve
was waiting for Greg. But she does not remember seeing
him there when the police did arrive. At that time Greg
left also.

So rather than acknowledging his cozy relationship with developer employees
(people who literally just turned their backs on a resident in need), Steve
Berube would rather imply that my wife and I are liars.

A few years later I had the opportunity to ask Greg Golgowski (Harmony's
former conservationist) about this specific event:

George wrote (in an email):

Do you remember this Greg? Was Steve Berube standing
there with you, Brock Nicholas and Shad Tome when Nimi
(Mrs.Schiro) approached you to talk that evening?

Greg Golgowski wrote (in an email):

That's pretty much as I recall it. Nimi and I know each
other so she came up to speak with me. The two of us
stepped to the side and the group I was with broke up.
Steve stayed in the area, I presume looking for the
next conversation to join. He was likely in earshot of
Nimi and me but I didn't pay attention as to whether he
was listening in.

Now you have to ask yourself, why would anyone lie about such a thing?

Needless to say, my wife and I no longer trust Steve Berube to be part of
any public board representing our family, would you?

George Schiro

Oct 9, 2018, 7:14:21 PM10/9/18
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