Harmony in Decline - Part 2 (UPDATE)

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George Schiro

Nov 20, 2018, 5:54:48 PM11/20/18
to gg


    Long-term Harmony CDD supervisor Kerul Kassel now
    censors all such posts on social media, even before
    they are posted. She is doing everything she can to
    hide the truth about the Harmony CDD's many failures.

This is a follow-up to the "Harmony in Decline - Part 2" (see
https://tinyurl.com/y858alep ) thread posted prior to the recent election where I wrote:

    Saying that the "CDD has no jurisdiction over those
    properties" suggests that CDD supervisors have no
    influence over the developer. If this is true, it just
    proves that we need new supervisors.
    CDD supervisors who can't get the former "Harmony
    Institute" location cleaned-up and turned into a
    well-groomed grassy area (at the bare minimum) are
    simply incompetent and totally ineffective and should
    step aside and let someone else give it a try after
    almost 10 years.

In response Kassel wrote this:

    And I have been told that the HROA has been sending
    letters to developer-owner property that needs
    attention (the CDD has no jurisdiction over those

And Kassel's husband (David Leeman) wrote this:

    LOL!  Mr Schiro complains about the CDD board and yet
    his second post is pictures of private property, which
    the CDD neither owns nor maintains.  How can Mr Schiro
    expect anyone to take him seriously when he so often
    gets it wrong?

Here's what it looked like a few weeks ago (before the election):

Here's what it looks like now - after the election:

An improvement for sure, but the correct answer is to replace the unsightly asphalt with what was originally there - a well-maintained grassy area.

I doubt the new Harmony developer has seen any of these posts (of his own accord). But Kerul Kassel and Steve Berube have been following this group for more than a decade.

Still think the CDD has no influence over this developer area Dave? I'm sure the sudden remediation was purely a coincidence. LOL!


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