2023-04-20 23:35 UTC+0200 Przemyslaw Czerpak (druzus/at/poczta.onet.pl)

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Przemyslaw Czerpak

Apr 20, 2023, 5:36:05 PMApr 20
to harbou...@googlegroups.com
2023-04-20 23:35 UTC+0200 Przemyslaw Czerpak (druzus/at/poczta.onet.pl)
* contrib/xhb/hbcompat.ch
! fixed translations of xHarbour operators inside brackets,
thanks to Ron.

* contrib/xhb/xhb.hbx
* contrib/xhb/xcstr.prg
+ added support for timestamp translations
! fixed few wrong translations
! fixed serialization of hash items with cyclic references
in ValToPrg()
% optimized cyclic references detection in ValToPrg()
! generate dummy code which cannot be compiled for codeblocks serialized
by ValToPrg()

* contrib/xhb/xhb.ch
+ added SET TRACE ... command, thanks to Ron.

* contrib/xhb/xhberror.c
* do not show __ERRRT_BASE() and __ERRRT_SBASE() in error call stack.

* src/vm/classes.c
! added protection against possible GPF when manually created serialized object
data with super class symbols longer then HB_SYMBOL_NAME_LEN is deserialized

best regards
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