1955 document outlining some of the experiments and confusion tactics of TIs

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Apr 28, 2008, 1:01:41 AM4/28/08
to harassmen...@googlegroups.com
Please read the original documents from 1955 signed by the CIA general inspector and deputy directors. Most people will recognize their tauma. The goals of the projects have not changed just the way they are done wirelessly now.
And yes Monika, you will see euphoria with no come down listed in their documents.

Date: Sun, 27 Apr 2008 22:33:47 +0200
From: monika...@gmail.com
To: harassmen...@googlegroups.com
Subject: [harassment-victims] Re: Why do they torture and not kill, well mostly anyway.

Perbs are people who lie , manipulate others their guilt their fears and frustrations,  and cause harm in others by lying agression ect ect
Any kind of fanatism is that way , and every fanatic is a perb in fact  and everybody obeying this is scared and abused or unsure maybe false. or  cant defent itsself.  Because those people cause bad sensations in us , and we hardly realize from were they come !
The techology is confronting us with all this, is something else and a  a different problem,  is no perbs at all
, it is an experiment. on all of us !!!!
Solve the puzzel and you wont anymore be under attack !
THat is the final purpose  , go for  it its worth it !
Find the solution of the puzzel in your case, and your problem will be gone! FOREVER
And let us know so we can be glad its done !
Greets Monika

2008/4/26 m. <ritzh...@yahoo.com>:

Have any of you asked yourselves this ? Not wishing any harm  to
anybody but, truly, what are they doing? I would like to ask the perps
why-and why not settle this the uncowardly way?
They can at least challenge me  to a duel, give me a pistol ; we could
take the ten or so steps apart and have it done with! But, they would
rather engage in torture ?!
Personally, I have better things to do  as we all do or would like to
do. I'm trying to undersstand the paid  U.S.torturer....then again ,
So, to all you perrps out there who go on our forums, would you at
least answer that  question?  You can stay in your closet too do so.

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