I hope this warning is enough at least to put you on your guard

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Jul 17, 2008, 4:03:59 PM7/17/08
to Mind Control and Electromagnetic harassment victims around the globe
Having served my 25 years in the Air Intelligence Agency's electronic
concentration camp system, I was hoping my interrogators would retreat
into the woodwork on or about April 1st. It hasn't worked that way and
they are still with me. About 10 days ago, hoping to bring what has
obviously become a huge mess for the government as well as myself to a
close, I challenged them to throw there very best s... against me with
the idea that if it didn't kill me, I would be free at last. There is
a much longer story to be told someday, but... The latest technology
they have came on quite suddenly one day and it is really tough. You
might say I was lucky to escape with my life. Voices in your
head are one thing, suggestions applied among your own thoughts are
another, but today they can, and have just demonstrated to me, a
technology which simulates thought so precisely that it is quite
impossible to say that it isn't your own thinking. In the out-of-order
country I live in, that can only mean that many of you may soon be
dying like flies. The other technology they demonstrated is "three-
dimensional audio technology". Google that up, if you wish, and click
on the one which will take you to some documents from Vetronics. With
their equipment, sound comes at you from anywhere within 360 degrees
around you and/or 180 degrees in front or overhead or behind you. In
other words, with enormous realism, you could begin to hear someone
raping your wife or girlfriend upstairs, while someone else is
rummaging through your kitchen drawers hoping to find a butcher knife,
and a third person is down in the cellar digging a grave to throw you
into. Whatever your worst nightmare is it is now possible to make you
live it until you die from it. Well, I did challenge them to throw
their absolutely best technology against me so I guess I asked for it,
but they are still here and I shudder to think of them turning that
crap onto another human being ever, except one of their own. I hope
this warning is enough at least to put you on your guard.


This Week on Antifascist Calling...

Ever wonder what "cutting edge" state agencies such as the Pentagon's
Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate (JNLWD) or the Office of the
Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) are up to? AFC did and what
we found was a tad disturbing to say the least! What about the horde
of capitalist grifters who butter their bread by supplying torturers,
er, "interrogators" to the "intelligence community"? You'll find them
here, and much, much more!

Parapolitical research with an attitude and with an unabashedly
leftist perspective, that's Antifascist Calling... accept no

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