The FOIA Verified Motion to Compel WITH the Exhibits Included Proving USSS (mis)use of DEWs and Perjury to Hide It All

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Donald M. Friedman

Aug 29, 2007, 3:50:06 PM8/29/07
to Mostafa Hosny, jewels,, Elizabeth Adams,, Aaron Avalos, Jennifer Berkemeier, Danny Bonte, Andrew Cole, karlheinz croissant,,, Robert Desrosiers, ANITA DEVAULT, Tracey Devine, Robert Duncan,, Joseph. eisen,, ahmad fani, john finch, Donald M. Friedman, Harlan Girard, Paul Gol, Andrew Grant,, Sanwarul Hoq,,, Ted Jackson,,, r k,,, john lee, Ken Lee, nancy levant,, Philip Lishman, Waldemar Lotz,,, mcactivism, Julianne McKinney,, Monika Stoces, Monika Pavlikova,, Derrick Robinson,, Yulia Rodionova, Peter Rosenholm, Marianne Ruth, Paul Saunderson, Dimitri Schunin, Nickolay Silivonchik,,, Monika Stoces,, HOOGEBOOM Ton, andres trujillo, jean verstraeten, L. Vinten, eleanor white, robert wood, John Allman, Vinancio Cano, Vicki Kuphall
Dear All:
I have finally been able to download a copy of the Verified Motion to Compel with the exhibits included from the federal court's electronic case information system (PACER), thanks to Aaron Avalos' generous assistance.  The attached acrobat files contain proof that the US Secret Service has and (mis)uses DEWs and then commits perjury to try to cover it all up!!!
I want all of you to have copies of the evidence in case something happens to me, as well as to show each and every one of you that very solid progress is being made by me in my legal actions.  There are many of you who are very pessimistic because of the lack of progress made by many of us TIs, but not all of us are "spinning our wheels" or being unsuccessful in our effort to stop the torture and other abuses!!!
The proof that I got (and is included here) cost me almost 4 years of my life and enduring 2 criminal prosecutions (one federal and one state, both were ultimately dismissed but I was locked up both times for almost 4 years total) while the feds were continuing the torture and abuse while I was incarcerated, for things I did not do of my own volition.  The former USSS employee who helped me, Mr. Larry Stewart, cost over $17,000.00 in expert witness fees and costs during my fighting my latest successful criminal case defense in Napa, CA.  Fighting this latest case cost me over 21 months in jail while the case was pending.  Winning is not cheap or easy, but it is worth it.
Make sure that each of you print both attached files and read them carefully and you will see how a criminal federal law-enforcement agency has been caught red-handed being the source of so much torture, misery, and pain!!!
Please distribute these files to absolutely everyone you can think of who has the slightest interest in these matters, and don't worry about duplicating effort -- send them to everyone in your email address book to make sure they get out.  If someone receives them more than once, they can simply delete the extras, but if they never receive them, then they are the worse for it, and so are the rest of us.  Also, the exhibits can be printed out and provided to news media people because they are courtroom-admissible evidence that is unimpeachable as to the facts contained within them!!!
These documents have cost me dearly, and I give them to all of you because I care about each and every one of you.  I want the torture, etc. to end for all of us and I am not one to wait for someone else to do it for me -- it's just the way I was raised.
And when I ask for a little assistance with my ongoing and substantial case-related expenses, you will know for certain that I am making solid, sustainable progress that is entirely result oriented, and not just asking to drain others' very limited resources.
Please take care of yourselves and be in touch with any feedback, support, etc. that you have.

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FOIA Verified Motion to Compel.pdf
FOIA Verified Motion to Compel Exhibits.pdf
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