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Sep 19, 2016, 4:21:32 AM9/19/16

I am often asked what exactly am I experiencing as a Targeted Individual and how can I be certain I am mind read. I don’t see how I can prove the later. But this email gives some details of what is happening around me. On the night of the 17 september to 18 september 2016, in Perpignan, France, like very often, I was woken up at around  03:30 in the night. It happens often for any of those reasons


-         I hear voices from neighbouring apartments in my building

-         I hear these same people “partying” in the garden of the house that you can “see” in the video

-         I am irritated from smoke and my nose and throat are itching by either cigarette smoke ( but strangely irritating), or no smell smoke acting like low concentration CS gas.

-         For unknown reason but at about the same time 03-04 in the night. When I was living in Paris it was often 01:00 precisely and by radiations with high pitch sound.


So this night I was woken up by them speaking on loud voices, and… commenting my thoughts.


I was fed up and shout at them to shut up. No reaction. Then I decided to try to record it. I used my webcam. They are located plus or minus at 100 meters, so don’t imagine to have HQ video and sound. You should put the sound to maximum volume.


I comment the 2 videos hereafter. I tried to be as precise as possible. In the second video they were not commenting my thoughts but doing what I consider provocative activities, and laughing at people.



Video 1

00:00 - 01:00 some voices are heard as I just install the camera. They rapidly stop speaking. Crack sounds are from my bed. It is calm for 30 minutes on. Then see next video



Video 2

00:13: screaming feminine voice, I may be hearing "Elle est morte!" = "She is dead"


00:01:02 one can hear a short voice sound. It is a sound that I hear all the time, day and night from neighbouring apartments. Only one word. I don't think it is french language. Maybe  this is a command. Different people use always, always the same words. They have probably less than ten words that they use constantly. That makes me consider they may be crazy or these are commands.


00:01:15 Kind of aggressive screaming from a man. They like to scream like that in the middle of the night. That is stressing. It was about 04 hours 20 minutes  at night.


00:01:25 feminine voice screaming. I suppose she is crazy or drugged. Usual.


00:02:37 again exclamations


00:03:08 I think I hear "je vais perdre" = “I am going to loose”.


00:04:01 really starting to provoke the people sleeping. Cracking noises on the  back maybe me moving in my bed.


00:05:16 they are speaking on full voice like if they were alone


00:05:24 voice of the man I find the most provocative. He use to comment my thoughts on the same voice. I think he has some accent, maybe from a black man or somebody from the french carribean.


00:05:36 another one says "c'est la merde là!" = "that is shit now!"


00:05:49 than man says on loud voice, and it seems it is directed at me: "j'tai entendu guen!" = "I heard you guen!" guen is one of my longtime nick name.


00:06:07 another man that I often hear says something that he spends his time saying: "c'est clair" = "that is clear" (meaning received 5/5)


Then laughings from a woman and men. It seems thay are commenting a video (of me? Or of other persons). The man says "c'est la fin du match le matin" = "this is the end of the game in the morning" like if they commented sex action of a couple or something like that.


The laughings of this woman are sometimes really irritating (on purpose I believe) when she canno't stop laughing at 4 or 5 in the night.


00:07:03 low voice from another man, maybe on the phone, "c'est david crocket" = "that is David Crocket" a famous film character and the nickname of a childhood friend named David.


00:07:20 you can here they really are at home in their garden absolutely don't mind about people sleeping all around.


00:07:51 "Les gars" = "boys!" as if he is their commanding officer.


00:08:27 strange voice of one man I also regularly hear and who may be chinese /  thaï. I hear words that can be chinese and other thaï words. Probably he is following me since I was in Thaïland (7 years ago!).


00:08:49 provocative screaming again


00:09:29 the "chinese voice" on the back but seems to be speaking english now or

maybe that is another man is voice (british?).


00:10:35 another short sentence that I constantly hear "c'est exact" = "that is exact". it seems each of these man has only one short sentence that he says all the time. This voice is associated with "c'est exact" and no other sentence.


00:12:10 we can see them moving in the garden


00:12:12 somebody says "ferme fenêtre" = "closing windows". Then they have a laugh and the other guy repeats "ferme fenêtre" like if they gave this nickname to a neighbour that

use to close his windows because of their noises.


00:12:20 saying twice "j'ai perdu des fenêtres" = "I lost windows". The second time on louder voice, like if he is saying this to my attention.


They are cleaning the garden using light torches.



00:13:28 again "c'est exact!" from the woman and then the "c'est exact" man speaks his words.


00:17:00 screamings again



Operations are slowing down. About half an hour after the lights were turned off (around 05 in the morning).



After all this I could smell a blood smell (very distinctive)  like it happened often when I was living in my own apartment in Paris around year 2000.



During the days : they have been doing construction works in the building opposite to this house since last winter. Nearly everyday. Lot of hammering, drilling, rubbing. What is very special is that one can understand like a spoken language when they use their tools, exactly like some guitar players can “speak with their guitar”. I am used to it since I recognize the style of this “artist”: he was the same in my former apartment in the same town. He plays the hammer. I call him “Phil Collins” for this reason. Of course these hammered (or drilled) sentences are either warnings or commenting of my thoughts.


So more an more my days and nights are


-         Sleep deprivation at night and commenting thoughts

-         Construction work noises at days, warnings and commenting thoughts

-         The same voices than at night all day long saying these short sentences “c’est exact”, “c’est clair”, and incomprehensible but always the same sounds. I often hear them just after I thought about them mind reading me.

-         Also comments from radio entertainers. Sometime subliminals on youtube videos.


So it is pretty much 24/7.​

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