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Donald M. Friedman

Aug 24, 2007, 2:39:03 PM8/24/07
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Dear All:
I am writing to you to give you a progress report on the federal FOIA lawsuit that I filed and to request a lttle more assistance.
I sent the Verified Motion to Compel to the court a few days ago and the court should be ruling on it in about a month.  However, because I raised the agency's improper exclusion of records in the verified motion, the government's Motion for Summary Judgement (which is due on August 31st) will have to address that issue specifically with a sworn declaration from the Assistant Director of the US Secret Service's Protective Research Division and so the court ruling on the Verified Motion I sent will be hurried up, in effect, by the agency having to pre-emptively deal with the improper exclusion issues in its Motion for Summary Judgement, which is due at the end of this month.  That is about a week from now!!!
My response to that motion is going to be due about 20 days after the 31st, and I am going to need about $500 (total) in order to properly research, prepare, copy, and serve that response to the government's motion to dispose of the entire case.  It is a particularly critical time for the suit, because an inadequate response will allow the agency to slip away again, and we cannot allow that.
There were about a half dozen people who were nice enough to help me before with sending a little money, and I really appreciate them stepping up.
As I did about a week ago, I am requesting a little assistance with expenses related to the lawsuit.  I used the $350-$400 that I received so far to pay lawsuit-related expenses and to repay money that I had previously borrowed from friends for lawsuit-related expenses.  I have very little money and even though there are no fees I have to pay directly to the court for my suit (I got a fee waiver), there are still many expenses I incur very frequently for copying things, mailing, phone calls, etc. which are critical to my continuing to fight the suit.  I really hate to even ask because I know so many of us are sabotaged financially by the feds, however, I cannot continue to fight the suit if I cannot get some help with the expenses.
I am currently living under a bridge in Napa, CA and am surviving, however, the feds are making my life particularly difficult due to my recent successes in suing them.  I am obviously not using the money that was sent for living expenses or anything other than lawsuit-related expenses.
Any assistance will be greatly appreciated, even if it's only $10-20 from each of you who can afford it.  In addition, please forward this email to anyone else who is being targetted so they too can help if they can.
I'm doing my very best to help us all and I hope that you will each be able to see the obvious benefit to each and every one of us in helping me to win my suit.

Please send money orders (please, no checks as I have no bank account) made out to Donald Friedman at the following address:
Mr. Donald M. Friedman
1301 Fourth Street
Napa, CA  94559
Thank you, in advance, for all of your well-wishes and support.

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Aug 24, 2007, 4:59:16 PM8/24/07
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