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Aug 9, 2008, 4:00:54 PM8/9/08
to Mind Control and Electromagnetic harassment victims around the globe
1. There is an interesting article titled "MI6 pays out over secret
LSD mind control tests" at
. The tests took place in 1953-54 but the payoff didn't come until
February 24, 2006, some 53 years later. So start counting now, since
you may be rich in 53 years.

2. On July 17th past, the 10th Anniversary of the signing of the Rome
Treaty of the International Criminal Court took place. My purpose in
mentioning it at all is to remind you that this date is now celebrated
as the World Day for International Justice. I think it would be
appropriate to use this day annually to remind our colleagues and
friends that there has been no justice for victims of involuntary
human experiments by the United States Government.

3. I have received notification of the fact that the Union for Reform
Judaism has passed a reolution formalizing its support for the
International Criminal Court and the participation of the United
States in it. The resolution may be read at
2008.pdf . This is an an enormous achievement of the American Non-
Governmentsl Organizations Coalition for the International Criminal
Court. Their website can be found at .

4. UNESCO will be holding a seminar on "Electromagnetic Fields:
Mechanisms of action and potential threat as a terrorism agent. It
will be held on Novembe 8th. Unfortunately, the seminar is going to be
held in Armenia. However, it is planned that the proceedings will be
published as a volume of the NATO Science Series. The publication will
discuss the the current understanding of the mechanisms of action of
electromagnetic fields on biological systems, with a focus on cell
hydraton, human health and possible use as terrorism agent. Further
information is available at .

Harlan Girard


Aug 9, 2008, 4:11:23 PM8/9/08
to Mind Control and Electromagnetic harassment victims around the globe


Aug 11, 2008, 4:02:36 PM8/11/08
to Mind Control and Electromagnetic harassment victims around the globe
Another Group Email from Harlan Girard

Date: Monday, August 11, 2008, 3:37 PM

1. At a recent AGM of the American Psychological Association, a group
of righteous members tried to get a motion adopted which would have
held them all to their own Code of Ethics. Inasmuch as so many well-
paying jobs are available today in torture, their motion failed. For
those of you who may be interested, the righteous member's position
paper against employment in torture may be accessed at http:/ .

2. In the Congressional Record of August 1, 2008, there is a short act
entitled "Restoring America's Integrity Act". The number is S. 3437
and it is preceded by a wordy speech of introduction on its behalf by
Senator Feinstein on behalf of herself and Senators Rockefeller,
Whitehouse, Hagel, and Feingold. You can find a copy at http:/ . Needless to say, it is
about eliminating the government's use of torture.

3. The report written for the Air Force, which includes the experiment
about degrading human performance with non-ionizsing radiation, was
written for them by a quiet think-tank called Southwest Research
Institute. It's still out there, catering to the military's need for
biased advice. It has a website which you can easily Google up. Among
the entries is a reference to an article http:/
Southwest_Research_ Institute . The SWRI was founded in 1947 by Thomas
Slick, Jr. the father of Grace Slick, the lead singer of the Jefferson

4. In 2006, three Past Presidents of the Bioelectromagnetics Society
got togehter with 9 world-renowned scientists and some public health
officials to attempt to figure out whether they had covered every inch
of the controversy surrounding the health effects of non-ionizing
radiation, as if they had never reflected thoughtfully on the subject
before. Surprisingly, they identified potential heakth issues of some
importance. Consequently, they organized their toughts on the subject
and they are available online at http:/ . Perhaps
one of you will visit that site and see whether there is anything of
interest to us in particular on it.

Paul Gol

Aug 11, 2008, 4:14:23 PM8/11/08
Girard is back in the scene.
 Must mean that Illuminati-NWO are into the next phase of their agenda

I know . The ships are on their way
I know. There boat soon come in.
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