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Nickolay Silivonchik

Jul 25, 2007, 1:14:09 AM7/25/07
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The question was made clear about frequency, power and consequence of the influence in high range frequency (30 - 3000 GHz).
Please see the article on my site (in Russian sorry, but article very good:
Thank you Nick Begich [mailto:drn...@alaska.netfor translation.

B. n. Rodionov *

   Scientific and technical revolution KHKH of century together
with the positive results of arrive to the appearance of number of
negative ecological problems. The problem of energy-information safety
is one of such problems.

   The entity of the problem of providing energy-information safety
consists in the need of the protection of man from multiple negative
phenomena and processes of natural, anthropogenic and technogenic
nature, which up-to-date science it reliably explained thus far
cannot. To these processes, first of all, it follows it carried the
phenomena of remote negative influence on the psychophysical state of
man of physical fall and emissions, technical devices, people, which
possess the paranormal'nymi abilities (sorcerers, black magicians,
etc.), geo-pathogenic zones, etc.

   From other side, at present widely takes root in the life traditional
medicine, which realizes the positive influence of people healers,
low-energy fall and emissions for treating the people. The activity of
people healers in many instances giving the staggering results of
healing from it kazalos' incurable diseases.

   The majorities of specialists, which work in this the field,
skhodyatsya in the fact that the examined processes have
energy-information nature. The distinctive special features of
energy-information processes are the following [ 1 ]:

   - the basis of energy-information interaction is considered the energy
transfer of physical fall and emissions between the objects of
interaction (from the inductor to the percipient);

   - the information nature of interaction, concluded in the presence of
minimum threshold and selective resonance type of interaction;

   - the considerable exceeding (to many orders) of power engineering of
the initiating processes above power engineering of the initiating
energy-information interactions.

   Urgency, sharpness and multifariousness of the examined problem
gradually will be realized by authorities and general public, that
privelo to the development in the State Duma RF of the project of law
"about the guarantee of energy-information prosperity of population".

   The subject region of energy-information safety is included the wide
spectrum of the processes: from the anomalous natural phenomena
(geo-pathogenic zones) to the technogenic and biophysical (traditional
medicine) processes.

   For the last years by different authors vydvigalos' many fundamentally
new hypotheses and theories, which claim to the creation of the
physical and mathematical models, which adequately describe different
anomalous energy-information phenomena. Among them necessarily it
noted the theory of physical vacuum (G.I.Shipov), torsion fall
(A.E.Akimov), micro-lepton fall (A.F.Okhatrin), the development Of
a.I.Veynika, I.L.Gerlovina, Yu.A.Baurova and many others. To the
regret, practically all these new developments thus far not nakhodyat
proper statistically reliable experimental confirmation.

   At present many scientists, who adhere to the positions of traditional
physics, consider that the majority of irregular phenomena possible
explained with the use of the existing models of physical fall and
emissions and their complex interaction on the objects of nature and
man. Statistics svidetel'stvuyet, that approximately 95% of all
observing irregular phenomena are explained on the basis of
traditional physical approaches.

   In particular, the phenomena of the most sharply confronting problem
of energy-information safety of man are statistically reliably
explained by the resonance interaction of low-energy electromagnetic
fall and emissions. This is confirmed by the results of low-energy
physical therapy treatment and by the results of experimental studies,
obtained with the aid of recently sverkhvysokochuvstvitel'noy the
equipment for the measurement of low-energy electromagnetic created
fall and emissions. In particular, in the communication [ 2 ] it is
indicated that experimentally with the aid of the highly sensitive
information- radiometric line with the level of the inherent noise Rsh
of ~0,shch o of 10-22 W/Hz is for the first time registered the
nonequilibrium component of the electromagnetic radiation of man in
the Ehf- range.

   The sharpness of the problem of energy-information safety of man under
the up-to-date conditions is caused by the presence of a large
quantity of energy-radiating systems the ultra-high frequency (SHF -
3... 30 GHz) and kraynevysokochastotnogo (EHF - 30... 3000 GHz)
ranges, which render and capable rendered negative influence on the
health and psychophysical state of people.

The generalized empirical data about the reactions of biosystems on
different kind external physical interactions attest to the fact that
the minimum threshold intensity of the influencing energy-information
signal it is determined by the sensitivity of this system, and maximum
sopostavima with its energy exchange [ 6 ].

   On basis of given data possible made the conclusion that the reaction
of the cells of human organism to the interaction BY SHF and Ehf-
emissions begins with interaction levels not more than 10-23 W/Hz.
This is confirmed by the in particular that, for example, that in the
technologies "Sit6ko- it is died" in the Ehf- therapy they are used
the ultralow intensities of electromagnetic radiations on the order of
10-20... 10-21 Vt/Gtsosm2 [ 5 ] or eoy0-y0 Of vt/sm2. The results of
studies of other authors confirm, that the energy state of cellular
structures composes 10-10 Vt/sm2, or 10-19 Vt/Gtsosm2 in the SHF band
[ 7 ], and the sensitivity of biological subjects to the
electromagnetic radiations - 10-16 Vt/sm2 [ 8 ]. It is experimentally
established that with the power density of more 10th Vt/sm2 in man
appear the auditory sensations, and with 10-11 Vt/sm2 in rats is
produced the conditioned reflex [ 8 ].

   Thus, the sensitivity of man to the interaction BY SHF and Ehf-
emissions it is evaluated at the level approximately Fig. 1.
Parameters of energy-information (_) interactions and energy
processes in the biological subjects

   10-16 Vt/sm2, and uses of these emissions for therapeutic and
prophylactic purposes begin s it evened 10-10 Vt/sm2. Possible to
assume that on the basis of this the short-wave electromagnetic
radiation, which exerts energy-information influence on the man, is
one of the physical media of the suggestive and remote therapeutic
interaction of people healers on the patients.

   The generalization of the experience of physical therapy treatment
svidetel'stvuyet, that prolonged nonintensive or short-term intensive
(with the levels more 10th Vt/sm2) interaction it is caused the
reaction of anxiety in the course several days, and then compensation
and adaptation, that are accompanied by structured changes in the
organism. Under the prolonged intensive influence it is observed the
stage of anxiety, the stage of exhaustion and appearance of the
pathology of organism [ 3 ].

   It should be noted that under the prolonged nonintensive influence
were possible the genetic mutations in the organism, which can it
caused undesirable aftereffects in the future generations [ 9 ].

   Necessarily it added to this that prolonged (for many years)
interaction of low-energy SHF and Ehf- emissions it capably caused a
considerable decrease and even the complete suppression of immunity.
This can it led to the wide acceptance of different diseases,
epidemics and the extinction of the large masses of population.

   The examined problem of providing energy-information safety, at basis
of which it is lain the noted negative processes, sharply is
aggravated because of the explosion of the space communication
systems. The constructed multi-satellite global low-orbital space
communication systems present the greatest danger to the man, since
they will be practically continuously in the course of the entire life
it acted on man.

   The automatic spacecraft of these systems generate SHF and Ehf-
emissions, since these electromagnetic radiations with the smallest
losses prokhodyat through the Earth's atmosphere. Calculations show
that the parameters of the irradiation of the earth's surface BY SHF
and by the Ehf- emissions of the space communication systems several
orders can it exceeded safe amount of radiations.

   For example, with the installation on the automatic spacecraft (KA) of
the global low-orbital system of communications of the transmitters
with a power of 800 W, which work at frequencies 20 and 30 GHz, in
conjunction with the antennas on the base of the impulse phased
cascade (AFAR), capable formed the angle of the divergence of emission
0,3 deg. and ensured accuracy of guidance 0,1 deg., from the orbit
altitude 1400 km there can it was provide ford on the earth's surface
the power density of the emission of approximately 10-8... 10-9 Vt/sm2
or pulse of 10-2... 10-3 Vt/sm2 in the microsecond range [ 10 ].

   Fig. 1 depicts the energy levels of different reactions of biosystems
to the interaction BY SHF and Ehf- emissions, and also the calculated
amount of radiations of the earth's surface with KA of the low-orbital
systems of communications of the type TELEDESIC and different elements
of mobile connection.

   Data analysis, given in Fig. 1, shows that with the functioning of the
low-orbital communication system are possible all negative
aftereffects of the interactions on the man, the parameters of
realization of which do not exceed the parameters of the irradiation
of the earth's surface. In other words, are possible all negative
aftereffects of the irradiations, the parameters of realization of
which it is lain below the graph of the power density OF SHF and Ehf-
emissions, and with the pulsed operation - it evened below the same
graph (its inclined part), which corresponds to the duration of the
pulse of the influencing emission.

   It is evident from Fig. 1 that by such negative aftereffects can it
was a change in the cellular structures and physiological processes,
genetic mutations, regulation of psychophysiological state and
behavior (production of the conditioned reflexes) of man.

   Special interest is caused the possibility of the realization of the
effects of low-energy physiotherapy. Work experience with the
apparatuses "chronoehf", "virgin soil" and "chronoMoscow Standard
Time" with the power densities of y0-shchVt/sm2 showed their high
efficiency. Apparatuses of obespechivali the synchronization of
low-energy SHF and Ehf- emissions with the biorhythms of organism due
to the smoothly reconstructing frequency modulation of emission in the
range from 1 to 100 Hz [ 3 ], i.e. okazyvali actually

   interaction. In connection with this the examined low-energy
physiotherapy possible was named energy-information physiotherapy.
Bylo is carry ouied the treatment of 575 patients with different
diseases. The results of treatment, according to the data [ 3 ], are
represented in table 1.

Table 1

   Clinical effectiveness of the energy-information physical
therapy methods

   Disease is form the results of treatment, % therapy improvement
without the changes the worsening

   Bronchial asthma EHF SMV MOSCOW STANDARD TIME 69,2 75,0 70,6
30,8 25,0 29,4 - - -

   Ischemic disease of the heart EHF SMV MOSCOW STANDARD TIME 70,0
73,3 70,0 20,0 26,7 30,0 10,0 - -

30,0 25,0 30,0 - - -

   The stomach ulcer and y2-perstnoy gut EHF SMV MOSCOW STANDARD
TIME of 73,3 70,6 76,9 26,7 29,4 23,1 - - -

   Radiculites EHF SMV MOSCOW STANDARD TIME 60,0 66,7 76,5 30,0
33,3 23,5 10,0 - -

TIME 71,4 69,2 72,7 28,6 30,8 27,3 - - -

   Arthroses EHF SMV MOSCOW STANDARD TIME 60,0 68,8 76,5 40,0
31,2 23,5 - - -

   Neuroses with the predominance of the excitation EHF SMV
MOSCOW STANDARD TIME 80,0 63,6 70,0 20,0 36,4 30,0 - - -

   Neuroses with the predominance of braking EHF SMV MOSCOW
STANDARD TIME 75,0 66,7 66,7 25,0 33,3 33,3 - - -

   The analysis of given in table 1 data svidetel'stvuyet about
the high efficiency of energy-information physiotherapy. At the same
time necessarily noted worsening in the state 10% patients with the
diseases the "ischemic disease of heart" and "radiculitis" (see Table

   Comparison in Fig. 1 of parameters of energy-information physiotherapy
with the parameters of irradiation, created by the elements of mobile
connection (by stations and by radiotelephones), shows that the use of
a mobile connection can it caused the aggravations of the diseases,
given in table 1, and also, as show studies, can it contributed to the
formation of cancerous tumors.

   Separately it follows it isolated high efficiency and variability of
the treatment of neuroses. Thus, the irradiation of patients with the
neurosis of the excitation by Ehf- emission with a wavelength of 2 mm
and frequencies of modulation of 2 Hz with the duration of session 10
min. privodilo to an essential improvement in the state of patients.
With the treatment of patients with the neurosis of braking positive
results dostigalis' with the same parameters of Ehf- emission, but
with the frequency of modulation 20... 21 Hz. with the carrying out of
treatment nablyudalas' the stabilization of the state of patients
approximately to 4... 5 sessions.

   The irradiation of healthy people by Ehf- emissions with the noted
parameters causes the danger of their overexcitation with the
frequency of modulation 20... 21 Hz, and depression - with the
frequency of 2 Hz. pri this appears the possibility of artificial
manipulation with the psychophysical state of people.

   The noted negative aftereffects can it arose when in the process of
the simultaneous irradiation of the individual sections of the earth's
surface from several KA as a result of the addition OF EHF or SHF-
fluctuations with the insignificantly being differed frequencies are
formed the low-frequency electromagnetic vibrations, which cause the
aggravation of ischemic disease, radiculitis, neuroses, and also
overexcitation, the depression of healthy people, etc.

   Thus, the possibility of negative influence on the people of examined
low-energy SHF and Ehf- emissions of the space communication systems
predetermines the need of the solution of the problems of
energy-information safety of man. This causes the imperative need of
determining the safe levels of prolonged (from several days to the
duration of entire life) irradiation by low-energy SHF and by Ehf-
emissions. Extremely urgent task is also the development of the
international standards of the application of space systems of
communications, methods and means of electromagnetic monitoring.

   In connection with the fact that the examined problem is urgent for
all peoples of peace, solved it necessarily without delay, within the
framework of international collaboration under the aegis OF UNITED

   y.Aleshenkov M.S., Rodionov B.N. interaction of physical fall
and emissions with the biological subjects and protection from their
negative interaction. - M.: MGUL, 1998.

   2.Sit'ko S.P., Yanenko A.F. the direct registration of the
nonequilibrium electromagnetic radiation of man in the mm- range//
F.izika of living. - 1997. - T.shch, N2.

   e.Illarionov V.E. the conceptual bases of physiotherapy in
reabilitologii. New paradigm of physiotherapy. - M.: VTSMK
"protection", 1998.

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interaction EMI of small intensity// the problem of electromagnetic
safety of the man: Theses. Dokl. by y-oy Russian conf - M., 1996.

   shch.Subbotina T.I., Yashin M.A., Yashin A.A. a study of negative
interaction on the organism of low-energy SHF-EMISSION and the outputs
for the clinico- diagnostic practice// F.izika of living. - T.', N1. -
Kiev: V.idguk, 1998.

   '.Presman A.S. the organization of biosphere and its space
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   ".Nefedov YE.I., Protopopov A.A., Sementsov A.N., Yashin A.A.
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energy-information safety of man and state. - M.: Sail, 1997.

   9.Men'shikov V.A., Rodionov B.N., Grinyaev S.N. the genetic
aftereffects of the radiation effect of the space communication
systems on the man// the transactions of international
nauchno-prakti-cheskoy conference "ecology and life". - Penza, 1999.

   Energo-informational IMPACT OF Low-energetic ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION



   In the article the author analyses and systematises results of
experimental research of energo-informational impact of low-energetic
electromagnetic radiation on biological objects.

   Rodionov Boris Nikolayevich, 1950 of generation. Doctor of technical
sciences, professor. Academician of the academy of military sciences
(AVN), academy of cosmonautics of im.K.E.Tsiolkovskogo, international
academy of energy-information sciences (MAEN). It is selected by the
leader of the section of military- space problems AVN by the
academician-secretary of department the "problems of
energy-information and ecological safety" OF MAEN. Laureate of the
reward im. A.V.Suvorova and medal im. the academician V.P.Glushko.
Pro-rector in the science of the Moscow academy of complex safety of
enterprise, the principal scientific worker OF NII - SCIENTIFIC
RESEARCH INSTITUTE space systems. The author and co-author are more
than 200 scientific works even 5 monographs, including of 48
certificates of authorship and patents.


   * Moscow, Volgograd Avenue, 47, k.yay", Moscow

   the academy of complex safety of enterprise;

   the bodies: (095) 173-57-81
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