Five Available Harassment Technologies

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Dec 11, 2007, 12:55:07 PM12/11/07
Thanks to Ed Light, originator of the Mind Control Forum site, two
additional tailored- for-printing versions of the 5 proven beyond doubt
technologies are now available.

To download/print, go to either: ..or (the
cover page)

... and RIGHT click on the appropriate file type you want to download
and print. It's in the green "Five Technologies" section of the cover page.

As with all of the pages on my sites which I created, these pages are
NOT copyrighted and may be used anywhere without asking my permission.
All I do ask is that what- ever is posted elsewhere not be modified.

You do not have to give me credit - you can post it as your own material
if you like.

You can take just a section of any page and post just that. (Some
authors require the whole page be posted, I don't.)

The direct URLs of these three versions are:

I can't view the DOC file, and it's kind of big, it converted to 2.5
megs for some reason, but the other two are around 200K. The PDF file
looks good here. (To print a PDF file, you need to click the tiny
printer icon inside the Adobe Acrobat screen. To save a PDF file, you
need to click the tiny diskette icon inside the Adobe Acrobat screen.)

In terms of quickly showing the five weapons which cannot be denied as
existing, this article is the best we have, in my view, and the article
is simple with no heavy tech talk. These versions are only 3 pages.

This article printout went over well at a recent talk I gave at a local
crisis line organization.

Eleanor White

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