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Jun 26, 2010, 4:14:42 PM6/26/10
to HappyHerbivore

I'm currently reading over the information in the book that I recieved
in my email and I'm a little distressed by the amount of calories that
it says that I should take in. Since I work out every day for an hour
or two (trying to lose weight), I picked the highest activity option.
The problem is, when calculating for my weight, my math came to 5,120
calories. Even when pressed I have trouble getting to 2,000. I'm 5'4"
and relatively low activity without the exercising. I would appreciate
any opinions on this.


Happy Herbivore

Jun 26, 2010, 6:10:23 PM6/26/10
Hi Carol,

I just sent out an email I hope it addresses your question, if not email me again. 

I would not pick the highest activity option if you're trying to lose weight. That is intended for someone at their desired weight who rigorously exercises every day (such as a triathlete or marathon runner) -- someone who NEEDS lots of calories to sustain their activity levels.

If you have trouble eating more than 2,000 calories today you might want to pick x14 (even though you exercise daily) 

:) Lindsay

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