Beacon wont save settings

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Apr 8, 2018, 12:52:33 PM4/8/18
to Happy Bubbles
I have an odd issue with the white beacon i got with my detectors.  Everything has been running great for 2 days and late last night stuff started jumping around again.

I opened up the app that I used to configure the white beacon, the one that is recommended on HB website...Beacon CFG on Android.

The settings saved fine the first time I programmed it, but for some reason all the settins on the beacon reverted back to default.  I didnt make any changes on my end yesterday to provoke this either.

I have tried changing the settings back multiple times, i shut down the presence server, HA, Broker and tried to reconfigure it also.  It always just goes back to default.  Im only changing the power down to 1 (7 meters) and the broadcasting interval from 900ms down to 500ms.  I then do the restart beacon and enter the password.

I also tried rebooting my phone.  I can open the app back up a minute later and all the settings are back to default.  Its strange the settings saved fine the first time I programmed it, lasted 2 or 3 days and now this...

Any help/advice is greatly appreacieted!



Apr 10, 2018, 11:28:44 AM4/10/18
to Happy Bubbles
Sorry to hear that, I didn't write the firmware in the beacons, I buy those from a Chinese company. I haven't heard of them resetting though. Maybe it's a low battery? I test them all before shipping but if the battery is maybe low and resetting the chip, it could be losing its settings? That's the only thing I can think of.
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