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Sebastian Ditz

Jun 5, 2018, 5:53:58 AM6/5/18
to Happy Bubbles

Im playing around with ibeacons and Android tasker at the moment.
Its not reliable on different android phones.

I found your project ..looks interesting.

My plan is to use android smartphones as virtuell beacons.

Is their a way to "test" such a system like Happy Bubbles before I order pieces?
Currently they out of stock

Maybe a raspberry pi Project to test if the Phone Beacon simulator works?

Best regards


Happy Bubbles Tech

Jun 5, 2018, 8:19:34 AM6/5/18
to Sebastian Ditz, Happy Bubbles
I can tell you then not to do this. Many of my customers have tried and the biggest problem with virtual beacons and phones acting as beacons is that both Android and iOS operating systems try to save battery, so they stop broadcasting after some minutes. The system needs beacons that are consistent for good presence detection performance.

If you're trying to do presence detection with your phone, then I'd say don't bother with the Happy Bubbles system, it just won't work well because of the limitations with phones.

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David Spreekmeester

Jun 20, 2018, 10:38:05 PM6/20/18
to Happy Bubbles
I have been successfully running an equivalent setup with two Happy Bubbles and two Android devices so far. It's a phone with Android 8 and a tablet running Android 7.
Unfortunately it doesn't work out of the box, since Android advertises a rotating UUID for privacy purposes, and without pairing you can't know the actual Mac address of the bluetooth device that you want to track.
However, I use 'Beacon Simulator', a free app on the Play Store, which allows you to transmit a customizable beacon (Eddystone / iBeacon / AltBeacon) and set it as 'resilient'.
I whitelisted the app in battery management. And (optional) I turned off notifications, so that it at least seems to be running in the background (technically it does run in the foreground).
Then, using Tasker, I make sure that the app launches every time the device boots. This works very well, after a boot, the beacon immediately starts transmitting again.

It's "set and forget" in that sense, and I don't have to carry around another beacon since my phone is never far from my side. Happy Bubbling!

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