ANN: happstack-websockets (ALPHA)

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Jeremy Shaw

Apr 5, 2016, 4:40:25 PM4/5/16
to HAppS

I have just now pushed `happstack-websockets` to git:

It is mostly a thin wrapper around the `websockets` library. I will upload it to hackage once I have had time to test it a bit more and add documentation.

Now would be the ideal time to request changes to the API since it is not yet uploaded to hackage.

I have successfully used it in small tests with plain old javascript and with the WebSockets support in ghcjs-base. However, I also discovered a bug in ghcjs-base websockets in the process:

So you'll have to stick to text communication at the moment if you want to use ghcjs -- or patch your ghcjs-base.

- jeremy
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