DaVinci Documentation Templates and Rules (DTR) Questionnaire/$questionnaire-package operation

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Viorel Rotaru

Oct 30, 2023, 5:51:05 AM10/30/23
Hi everyone,

I'm currently exploring the Da Vinci Documentation Templates and Rules (DTR) IG and I encountered an issue while trying to use the $package operation on a FHIR server. I'm using both a local instance of FHIR Server (version 6.6.0) and a remote instance at https://hapi.fhir.org (version 6.9.5).

The problem is that it seems the server does not support this endpoint and returns an error message, which I've included below:

Request: [POST]  http://hapi.fhir.org/baseR4/Questionnaire/$package
Response: "diagnostics""Invalid request: The FHIR endpoint on this server does not know how to handle POST operation[Questionnaire/$package] with parameters [[]]"
I've tried different approaches, including the following code:

Request: fhirClient

Response: HTTP 400 Bad Request: Invalid request: The FHIR endpoint on this server does not know how to handle POST operation[$package] with parameters [[]]

It appears that the server doesn't support the $package operation. Just to clarify, the scope of using this endpoint is to retrieve a questionnaire and all associated resources with it from the FHIR server. This functionality was added in version 6.4.1, and it corresponds to issue number 4697.

If anyone has experience with this specific operation or has encountered a similar problem, I'd appreciate any guidance or insights you can provide.

Thank you!

Viorel Rotaru

Jan 24, 2024, 6:23:26 AMJan 24

I successfully executed the $questionnaire-package operation.

I upgraded the FHIR server version to v6.10.1 and enabled the following property in the application.yml file: hapi.fhir.cr.enabled: true

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