March your way into the weekend!

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Morely Dotes

Apr 22, 2004, 5:53:38 PM4/22/04
March your way into the weekend!

Join Nader supporters in DC, April 24-25,
as they rally for justice and equal rights

Washington, DC:

Saturday, April 24th, IMF/World Bank Protest - meet at 11am, 15th & H St, NW.

Sunday, April 25th, March for Women's Lives - meet at 9:30am, Smithsonian Metro Stop.

If you arrive late, ask a volunteer to point you towards the Ralph Nader group.

See you there!

Nader: Oil the Source of Two of Earth’s Major Problems:
Wars for Oil and Climate Change

Protect the Environment and the People of Our Planet by Ending Our Addiction to Oil

Washington, DC: On Earth Day 2004, Independent presidential candidate
Ralph Nader highlighted as two priorities: ending the Iraqi occupation
and facing up to the immediate crisis of global climate change. "Future
geopolitical crises involving oil resources and environmental problems
will be diminished by finding alternatives to fossil fuels," said Nader.

Nader linked the two issues on Earth Day because he sees them as
symptomatic of the corporate oil-based, planet destructive behavior of
the Bush Administration. Nader has called for the United States to
withdraw from Iraq - including military, private military contractors,
oil industry and other corporations. Nader noted: "The war in Iraq is
unleashing widening cycles of violence. The potential for escalation of
violence increases every day the US military remains in Iraq. The way to
reverse the spiral of violence is for the United States to go back home.
The US presence serves as a magnet for the insurrection, kidnapping,
terrorism and destruction." Nader released a three-step strategy for
withdrawal earlier this week. See for details.


For further information, contact:

Kevin Zeese

Matt Ahearn

pineapples or cherries on the skewers.
Don?t be afraid to use a variety of meats.
Grill to medium rare,
serve with garlic cous-cous and sautéed asparagus.
Coffee and sherbet for desert then walnuts, cheese, and port.
Cigars for the gentlemen (and ladies if they so desire)!

Crock-Pot Crack Baby

When the quivering, hopelessly addicted crack baby succumbs to death,
get him immediately butchered and into the crock-pot, so that any
remaining toxins will not be fatal. But don?t cook it too long,
because like Blowfish, there is a perfect medium between the poisonous
and the stimulating. Though it may not have the same effect on your
guests, a whole chicken cooked in this fashion is also mighty tasty.

1 newborn - cocaine addicted, freshly expired, cleaned and butchered
bell pepper
garlic, etc
4 cups water

Cut the meat into natural pieces and brown very well in olive oil,
remove, then brown half of the onions, the bell pepper, and celery.
When brown, mix everything into the crock-pot, and in 6 t

Ethan Hammond

Apr 22, 2004, 3:54:04 PM4/22/04

Washington, DC:

See you there!


For further information, contact:

Kevin Zeese

Matt Ahearn

you are eating
human babies, this is the perfect solution.
But if you are still paranoid, you can substitute pork butt.

5 lb. lean chuck roast
3 lb. prime baby butt
2 tablespoons each:
black, white and cayenne peppers
celery salt
garlic powder
parsley flakes
brown sugar
1 teaspoon sage
2 onions
6 cloves garlic
bunch green onions, chopped

Cut the children?s butts and the beef roast into pieces
that will fit in the grinder.
Run the meat through using a 3/16 grinding plate.
Add garlic, onions and seasoning then mix well.
Add just enough water for a smooth consistency, then mix again.
Form the sausage mixture into patties or stuff into natural casings.

Stillborn Stew

By definition, this meat cannot be had altogether fresh,
but have the lifeless unfortunate available immediately after delivery,
or use high quality beef or pork roasts (it is cheaper and better to
cut up a whole roast than to buy stew meat).

1 stillbirth, de-boned and cubed
¼ cup vegetable oil
2 large onions
bell pepper
½ cup red wine
3 Irish potatoes
2 large carrots

This is a simple classic stew that makes natural gravy,
thus it does not have to be thickened.
Brown the meat quickly in very hot oil, remove and set aside.
Brown the onions, celery, pepper and garlic.
De-glaze with wine, return meat to the pan and season well.
Stew on low fire adding small amounts of water and
seasoning as necessary.
After at least half an hour, add the carrots and potatoes,
and simmer till root vegetables break with a fork.
Cook a fresh pot of long grained white rice.

Pre-mie Pot Pie

When working with prematurely delivered newborns (or chicken) use sherry;
red wine with beef (buy steak or roast, do not pre-boil).

Pie crust (see index)
Whole fresh pre-mie; eviscerated, head, hands and feet removed
Onions, bell pepper, celery

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