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Mar 15, 2023, 1:19:23 PM3/15/23
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I wanted to forward this reply from Paul regarding Renato Romero’s Opera2015 Measurement Campaign. He speaks of the importance of “amateurs” doing data collection using our own means: our equipment, engineering, and backgrounds that can contribute so much to the advancement of science. I’m proud to be a member of the VLF group and HamSCI for this reason! See Paul’s remarks below:

It is difficult for those of us living outside of academia
to make contributions directly to scientific progress, we
just don't have the access to the libraries, the lectures,
to the colleagues and conferences and all that world that you
must immerse yourself in to even approach the front line
of progress in any field.

But without doubt we can do useful work at the data collection
end of things.  This is where we have the practical knowledge,
skills, and not least, the time and patience.  We can build
up recording systems with the necessary sensitivity, quality,
reliability, and accumulate valuable data sets.

Renato's Opera2015 team provides a great demonstration of
this and it is great to see the 'official' recognition through

Many times I have the opportunity to work with commercial or
scientifically collected data, and am frequently disappointed
with the quality and organisation of the data.  There is
always a heap of cleaning up to do.  And I think to myself,
there are at least a dozen people on the VLF group who could
have done a far better job of this!

Paul Nicholson

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James McNamee

Mar 17, 2023, 2:09:35 PM3/17/23
to ham...@googlegroups.com
How would I go about buying a GRAPE receiver so I can participate in your data collection program?


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