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dread pirate

Jun 15, 2009, 3:13:56 PM6/15/09
to Hammer of the Emperor
This site is intended to be a family-friendly place. As such, please
be polite in your discussions and do not use vulgar language..
Bigotry and hate-mongering will not be tolerated. This is not the
appropriate place to discuss real-world politics or religion. Please
limit your discussions to topics relevant to Hammer of the Emperor's
intended subject: Collecting, painting and playing Warhammer 40k and
the Imperial Guard Army.

Please respect Games Workshop's intellectual property rights. When
discussing the rules, do not quote entire sections of the rulebooks.
Instead, cite a reference to a page and paragraph. For example,
"Ogryns are too afraid of the dark, the last paragraph on page 42 of
the Imperial Guard Codex says so". Also, do not post complete stat
blocks or points costs when discussing units and army lists. For
example, it would be okay to say "Ogryns are T5, why should they be
afraid of the dark"? However, posting the Ogryn's entire stat block
would violate Games Workshop's property rights.

Please keep your posts on-topic for the thread you are posting in and
avoid creating redundant discussion topics.
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