Importing a laser

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Shawn Wilson

Apr 3, 2021, 6:34:02 PMApr 3
Hi all
I am considering buying a laser.  Price is the biggest factor,  followed by work area.  I am considering this one:

C$ 1,596.76  18%OFF | Free shipping Laser CNC 6090 laser engraver machine 100W co2 laser engraving machine laser cutter machine diyengraving machine

My main concern is that I have never dealt with customs or import taxes before. In the comments, someone in  Columbia stated fees were twice the cost of the machine. Any idea how to figure that out?  Any other issues I should be looking at?  I understand the software for these is usually chucked in favor of k40Whisperer and they typically run them at a fraction of tube wattage to extend life.


David Dunn

Apr 3, 2021, 7:07:51 PMApr 3
Last time I ordered something large i paid our taxes on item 15% plus brokerage fee which was 250.00 plus hst on brokerage fee.    You can get a decent estimate at   


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Shawn Wilson

Apr 3, 2021, 8:10:50 PMApr 3
to Halifax Makerspace
Awesome, thanks.  I will check that out.

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