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Dec 28, 2020, 2:23:05 PM12/28/20
to hal-discuss@googlegroups com

I've been doing a series of non-breaking updates to the HAL-FORMS spec [0]. Much of this effort has been spurred on by Evert Pot's work on his Ketting generic hypermedia client [1] and his thoughtful contributions to the HaL-FORMS spec.

I'll continue to work through the existing issues [2] -- at least the ones that have not gone stale after my long neglect (sigh...). 

Feel free to review the doc, post to the main repo [2], and/or start threads here. 


Patrick Moule

May 10, 2021, 11:18:37 AM5/10/21
to HAL Discuss
Hi Mike, 

this looks really interesting to me. I currently run a mixture of HAL for responses and Swagger 
for further API documentation. I personally think, this will stay for a longer while, but 
with a HAL-FORMS implementation, it would be a great option for providing form details when required. 

I really like the idea of providing dynamic HAL responses for API exploration depending on user rights etc.
Providing 'create' and 'update' form information from a HAL generator would imo simplify things. 
I'll check details of your specification. Thinking about some kind of golang based add on for my go2hal lib and testing it with Kai Tödter's HAL Explorer.

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