HAL-FORMS updates (again...)

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Jan 2, 2021, 10:01:54 PM1/2/21
to hal-discuss@googlegroups com

i made a few more mods to the HAL-FORMS specification document this week.

support for multiple templates has finally landed [1]. i'd appreciate feedback on this change since i got lots of feedback and it took me quite a while to finally commit the changes. any comments on what might be missing, mistaken, etc. is most appreciated.

based on feedback, i modified the SHOULDs to MAYs in the min/max property pairs [2].  this was just a minor tweak of the text.

I have two items still outstanding. i hope to get these in place in the next week or two.

first, I need to update the text on supporting the "HTML5" inputs to include guidance on what is _returned_ for each extended type (datetime-local, color, etc.). [4]

Second, I need to add in support for enums, suggested text/value pairs to support radio, select, and "google-suggest"-style inputs. there is some great feedback on how to get this working in the issue list [3] and i hope to get this one in place ASAP.

There are still a handful of things needed for HAL-FORMS to remain healthy and happy<g>.

1) it would be great to have a validator utility for HAL-FORMS. I'm not going to be able to build it and am open to contributions. if you know of one that already exists, please let me know.

2) we need more references to service examples. if someone would be up for writing up a doc page that lists example services that support HAL-FORMS, i'd be happy to link to it in the spec. of course, any pointers to existing HAL-FORMS compatible services are welcome.

3) we need a library/utility listing. We also need a list of clients that support HAL-FORMS, stand-alone apps, utilities, etc. this could be the same physical doc as #2. Again, contributions are welcome.

finally, thanks for all the support for HAL-FORMS over the years. looking forward to more goos things in 2021.

-- cheers

Mike Kelly

Jan 6, 2021, 11:41:17 AM1/6/21
to hal-d...@googlegroups.com
Awesome! I will take a proper look as soon as I can.

Do you have any idea on how widely hal-forms is deployed now?


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Jan 6, 2021, 12:59:52 PM1/6/21
to hal-discuss@googlegroups com
i'll defer to people here who are actually doing HAL-FORMS.

for my part, i know the spring folks have done quite a bit with HAL, HAL-FORMS, CollectionJSON and other formats:

the ketting project surfaces often, too:

happy to learn about others.

Mike Amundsen

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